20 Things You Should Know About Rebecca Da Costa in Her Own Words

  1. I cannot sleep with my feet uncovered

2.  My three favorite movies are : “Swashank Redemption” , “Forrest Gump” and “The Virgin Suicides”


3. I love dancing in my room by myself

  1. The most beautiful place I’ve ever seen is “The Exumas Island” in the Bahamas.

5. I was born in Recife Brazil


6. My favorite songs are : Mr. Bojangles (Sammy Davis Jr) , Hotel California ( Eagles)

7.  I speak 4 languages : English , Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

8. Right now I’m obsessed with “House of Cards”. Frank Underwood is a Mother………

9.  I absolutely love motivational quotes , here is my week favorite : “Here’s to strong women, may we now them, may we be them, may we raise them”


10.  I had an allergic reaction to Avocado when I was eight months old , spent a week in the hospital, I haven’t eaten avocado since so please no Guacamoles for me 🙂


11.  My favorite drink is Coconut Water.

12. I’m one of those people that needs more sleep … so I have to sleep an average of 9-10 hours per day.

13.  I’m a Gemini


14. If I could recommend two books they would be : The Alchemist by my fellow Brazilian Paulo Coelho and ” The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint- Exupery

15. I absolutely love Pancakes!! With a lot of Maple Syrup please!


16. When I go to a different city to shoot a movie I buy a new long sleeve PJ’s. It helps me to accommodate to the new city . This has become a tradition!

17.  I do my own hair and make up for red carpet and events.

18. Few years a go I started practicing “Transcendental Meditation” . It really does wonders to your mind.

19. I have two brothers Diego and Gilson.

20.  I started collecting Buddha sculpture few years a go, the image of the Buddha inspires me to work on myself and connect with my true essence.

Rebecca Da Costa can be seen playing opposite Robert De Niro and John Cusack in the Bag Man /The Carrier. Up and coming movie Starring Opposite Demi Moore and Shirley McClaine.