Jordan Pruitt who was on The Voice and several Disney Shows. Tells us 20 things about herself in her own words.

1 I hate sweet potatoes

2 I have a fear of flying

3 I have a fear of heights

4 I’m afraid of sharks

5 I love reading scary mystery books

6 I want a multi-platinum album

7 I want a farm with 6 horses when I grow up

8 My first concert was the Monkeys

9 My first CD was Brittney Spears

10 I love sitting by the fire

11 I love writing songs

12 I love watching baseball on TV

13 I love recording in the studio

14 I love playing monopoly with my little brother, Jared

15 I’m fearful of the ocean

16 I hate watching basketball on TV

17 Would love to go to Paris

18 I love fishing

19 I love riding my four-wheeler