“As an event planner I have the privilege of bringing people together in so many amazing, fun, and meaningful ways,” shares Lisa Gareau.

“I love the magic that happens when birds of a feather gather together to support a meaningful community initiative, a business owner’s new product launch, or to celebrate the birth of a creative project. Calgarians are creative, curious, and connecting in more unique ways than ever before. When we make a point of gathering together things change, new ideas soar, and communities grow even more vibrant than before. I’m always energized when a plan comes together but you don’t have to look far to see an experienced – and wildly creative – team working tirelessly behind the scenes on every detail to bring that event to life,” explains Lisa.

Lisa called her business Candy Event Consulting as it’s her personal passion is to create sweet, fun, colorful moments in the community through events that matter. Helping to make a clients message, cause, or idea irresistible is always her goal.

When businesses, community organizations, or groups gather together and create shared experiences, meaningful moments, and common goals events have done their job. Opportunities to gather will always be at our doorstep. May we continue to be a city that shows up and shines for each other!

About Lisa Gareau

In 2008, with a keen focus on building capacity for in-house and do-it-yourself event planners, Lisa founded Candy Event Consulting : Making Your Team Stronger (, Candy Academy of Event Management + Promotions (, and publishes Moments Magazine – Event Planning Ideas + Inspiration ( Lisa loves living near the Canadian Rockies in Calgary, Alberta, Canada – filling her days doing what she loves best – creating and connecting.

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