Sandra Epp has assisted thousands of homeowners through her consulting and design companies located in Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Moosejaw and Bragg Creek

Calgary residing Sandra Epp has given every home she’s helped design, the individual attention on how to maximize the positive, employing “down to earth” design techniques for their space. She has been a monthly design expert for CityTV Calgary and CTV, and wrote monthly design columns for Home to Home magazine. The Calgary Herald and the Sun have entrusted her with their “Ask a Designer” columns, working with client photos to decorate or stage their homes. Prior to launching 3-Design on Line, Sandra taught and mentored interior decorating students at, Pacific Design Centre in Victoria, BC and at Universal Career College in Saskatoon. She enjoys art and promotion, public speaking, theatre, travel, entertaining and decorating in exotic locations.

Take a photo of your room, achieving as wide an angle as possible to showcase your
design dilemma. Ask 3 specific questions, or request general guidance for the room. 3-
Design will provide feedback in the form of three useful and applicable suggestions to improve the rooms appeal, within 3 business days.


3- Design specializes in home consultation, and maximizing the positive. Clients will enjoy
a down to earth design session, with an entire home walkthrough discussing priorities and
improvements for decoration or staging. When possible, physical placement and design
manifestations will occur immediately. Special consideration will be given to maintaining

the personality of the home, and to utilizing and editing whatever is practical. Paint colors and placement will be chosen when required. Upon completion of the consultation, acarefully composed checklist of future recommendations will be composed to jumpstart this customized, positive process. Furnishing, flooring, fabrics, drapery, art, accessory or trade follow up is available, time and budget permitting.

EASY AS 1/2/3
A good designer doesn’t stop learning or creating new beautification transformations.
Practice makes perfect, and 3- Design is constantly trying new techniques for morphing
tired items into exciting and new. They apply the same energy to entertaining, setting the
table and adding creativity and whimsy to everyday life. Check in regularly to see whats
brewing in the 3-Design studio.