1. Where did you grow up, when did you come to Calgary, Canada? Wichita, Kansas. Moved to Las Vegas when I was 21. Met my my Husband Doug when I was 24. Married and moved to Toronto in 1994. ( Know ya’ll know how old I am).

2. What did you do as a career when you got out of high school? Went to the Kansas School of cosmetology , waited tables and cut hair.

3. What is your true passion in life? People. Love seeing their successes and hearing their stories.

4. How do you balance being a mother , wife, realtor and star of your own shows? Good kids who are interesting people. awesome husband & no greater fan club. I only do the staging along with a few open houses as Doug does most of the work, I do take out a few of my favorite clients to look at houses, these are the people i love chatting and spending time with so i don’t feel trapped in the car with them. Not sure if Star is a word i would use as yet but i do love this new path. Stumbled upon it and Doug has encouraged it 110%. If I never make money at it I am okay with that as long as those around me are taken care of and we are having fun.

5. What have you been up to most recently?  Recently just launched a pilot web series. it wont be for everyone but it is a chance to laugh and get a bit crazy. The Canadian Cougar Club is a half hour web series (takes about 90 minutes to film) that features music, artist, entrepreneurs and cocktails. Kinda a Kim after dark. My Husband and I are also working on a program to feature Calgary and all that makes it great.

6. Tell us about your talk shows, the one on Shaw TV and Your new Canadian Cougar Club. Kim’s Kitchen is the girlfriends in the kitchen, chatting and laughing while featuring interesting Calgarians and Chefs. it has been a blast to do. With the amazing guidance from the most AWESOME crew at Shaw, Jim Cummings, Shawna, Jose, Scott, Ron and so many others. they have taught me huge amounts. Doug and I decided to do an after dark version of Kim’s Kitchen because we film 7 episodes then wrap for 4 months so there is a bit of down time. Besides I was never cool enough to hang with the band when I was a teen so now it’s my time😎.

7. Your fashion style is very different, tell us about your inspiration? It stretches with me. bahahahha. the style if feminine and fun and fits when I am a 10 or a 14. I have always loved the hair and the make up  also. the true beauty of being over 40 is i finally feel free to be me.

8. What do you enjoy about promoting people and interviewing them? What makes you want to promote someone? I believe we all have a story. When I interview someone i always  learn something new. The day I stop learning is the day that I stop growing, that would be nice for my posterior but not the brain.

9. What have you done as a career before your talk shows. Waitress, Hairdresser, Waitress, car sales, spence diamonds, jenny craig consultant, Realtor. a ton of girl scout cookies too!

10. What cool events do you have coming up you’re a part of? CUFF, CIFF, Stampede & Comic Con will all be a blast to cover this year. Everybody from the attendees to the organizers of these events are so interesting and Daniel my videographer and editor does amazing work so i am always blown away be the end results.

11. Where do you want to see your career go in the next 5 years? I would love to be able to do some traveling with it along with develop content for others

12. What are some of the struggles you face being in entertainment in Calgary, AB? It beats being in Kansas. I guess i have found it good. The challenges for many is the limited amount of work, but i do think that is shifting.

14. Tell us a crazy experience you had doing your interviews. Hmmmm, I think many will say I am the craziest part of my interviews. i am betting this years Comic Con will have a great story, I’ll get back to ya.

15. What has been the best part of being a new icon in the Calgary Entertainment Market. I have met some amazing giving people. lending my platform (shoe box size that it is) to different charities and talents around the city. Oh and I have to say I quite enjoy the Stampede best of the midway judging.

16. What sign are you? Taurus, April 29th.

17. What is something most of us don’t know about Kim Hayden? I am an ugly sleeper… I know your shocked… but seriously, I snore, drool you, name it. Worst place to be is in the seat next to me on a plane, I will talk your ear off until I fall asleep and drool on your shoulder.

18. What drives you to do what you do? Maybe someday I will have enough influence to help create my girls community for abused and run away young girls. 

19. Advice you’d give people starting out in entertainment?  Stay true to who you are. Don’t gossip. Don’t judge. Join Ampia, CSIF and any other group that supports and educates.


20. Where can we find you on social media?


cougarclubtv.ca (April 13th)


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