26 Alberta Stars You Know From

Television & Youtube! 

Tom Jackson on left on ET Canada in Nov. 2016. Cover Photo by Rafal Wegiel Photography

Tom Jackson is one of Canada’s most popular actors, from North Of 60. Tom Jackson is also well known as a humanitarian and singer. He founded the annual Huron Carole fund-raising concerts in support of the Salvation Army. Jackson has been a popular folk-country singer in Canada for many years. In January 2000, Jackson was named to the Order of Canada, that country’s highest civilian award. Tom made a heartfelt speech about peace at the Rosie Awards for 2016! Tom was one of Fashion Calgary’s top Albertan’s making a difference in November 2016.

 Allan Stickel is a retired Cowboy Ranch Hand and, Firefighter turned Actor. He found acting later on in life but has done very well in five years of being in the Calgary Film market. He has been a part of over a dozen projects. He plays Uncle Mikael in Go Fish on Amazon Prime. His City TV debut last year was with his role on Young Drunk Punk! He’s been seen on Heartland and Hell On Wheels many times. Most recently he did a voice over and is seen on screen of The Northlander by Benjamin Hayden Ross. He has been a helping hand to all he knows and he is very beloved by the film industry. Allan will be in a made for Amazon Prime movie with Go Fish ltd, and the Vizard show by Olga Sem in February where he plays the Creator.  Allan has been working with Reed Davis for the series, Employment On The Prairies on vTV, filmed in Vulcan, AB. 
Photo by Andrew Sweet

Taylor McNallie is a local VJ Host on YouTube, who makes a presence from doing interviews with local musicians, artists, designers, entrepreneurs and anyone else who has something beautiful to share with the world. Her hope is to bring the feeling of an old Much Music VJ back by keeping her interviews real, raw and entertaining through humor and content which leaves viewers craving for more! Some of the people she has had the pleasure of sitting down with are Jeff B. Wilkie Mr. Calgary, comedian Kris LaBelle, designer Nicole Rita Tomney, Juno Award winning Kataklysm, horror icon Visha Loo, actress Tristan Risk and many more!




 Kathy Trinh CTV Reporter is one the prettiest girls on the news! She supports many Alberta stories; she covers serious and fun news happening in Calgary and around the world.







Nathaniel Arcand is a true Canadian Actor and Star. He has been on Heartland for a decade, he’s acted been in Longmire, Arctic Air with Adam Beach, Northlander by Benjamin Hayden Ross which won at AMPIA and went to Cannes Film Festival recently. Nathaniel was nominated for best actor in 2016 by AMPIA as well. He has worked alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars including Leonardo Decaprio in The Revenant. He’s done it all from singing, acting to stunt work. He has started directing and teaching this year and very much enjoys it. You will see a lot more of him in the coming year. He recently filmed for his role on Frontier starring Jason Momoa.



Kevin Davey – British –Canadian Actor from Hell On Wheels who now is eligible for working in the USA! He has been in The Northlander, Hell On Wheels, The Great Fear, Heartland, The Dead Mile, and Stay Lucky. Kevin was a widower pushing him to pursue his acting career. He now has found love again and was married in October 2016!





Jeni Cousins of Soul Work on Shaw TV, she is a very spiritual soul and does reading right on her show. She supports artists in Alberta and has a handful of laugh with all her special guests.


Jewelle Colwell a Calgary Actress and Filmmaker, she’s the Creator of Off Screen and Bluff which is on Amazon Prime. She has one of the kindest hearts you could imagine. She works with the star Judy Norton and has helped start careers in Calgary film, with series  projects! Jewelle is one of the magazine’s first inspirations!     



Andy Sparacino is a staple comic actor and musician, most known for his role in  Fubar as Tron and much more in Alberta!





Zulie Alnahas is the Creator of Go Fish on Amazon Prime. Zulie’s a main Dancer in the Vizard Show by Olga Sem, and she’s a singer/songwriter in English and Arabic. The Syria Canadian produces her own shows/films under her production company Go Fish Ltd., where she supports Alberta talent by choosing to cast local artists. In the summer of 2016 she performed on Kim Hayden’s talk show Kim’s Kitchen on Shaw TV and was on Breakfast TV with Jill Belland sharing her Syrian traditions at Christmas time.




Melissa Cambridge has been seen in over 20 projects on TV and films made in Alberta. She is a cheerful pretty actress and plays a tough chick in  show Go Fish on Amazon Prime. She has 3 kids and sells French and English Bulldogs when not working in film.

 Zoë Klintberg and Steve Nagy of Rocket House Productions

Photographer: Kelly Hofer Venue: Lougheed House 
Styling: Zoë Klintberg Clothing: Cat Tkach (Cat’s Eye Vintage)

Jill Maria was most recently in a Romanian Documentary by Destiny Productions about being a Romanian Canadian. Throughout the past year Jill has appeared on Calgary’s local station, Shaw TV on; Soul Work by Jeni Cousins with Joey Pringle, which aired for three weeks. She was cast in a City Palate commercial by In-Houze Productions which aired for months. Jill’s latest interview on Shaw TV was the Liv Daily show hosted by Sean Liv in January. She is an actress in Go Fish which started her career.

Photo by Rafal Wegiel Photography



Uma Jama  the Canadian – Somali Actress and playwright, is one of the most beautiful women in Alberta. She ventured to Vancouver but resides in Calgary now.  She just showcased her debut  play Amus in November 2016, which she produced and starred in. Uma is on the Netflix shows Bates Motel, Arrow, Girl Friend’s Guide to Divorce, as well Go Fish on Amazon Prime.





Patrick Saulnier is a  Mount Royal University Broadcasting Alumni, DJ, and MC, Patrick has worked in both local radio shows with CJAY92, Virgin radio 98.5 as well as various stations in the internet radio realm including MNR and GTFOradio. Currently you can find him hosting “Calgary Homes & Lifestyles” on SHAW TV.


Sean Liv can be seen as the host of Liv Daily and In-Houze Productions’ Calgary Homes and Lifestyles on SHAW TV! She is a very beautiful soul that helps inspire others and has a way about her she shares peoples stories with such a glowing heart.

David Oulton is a Canadian film, television, and stage actor. He entered the film industry in 2010 and, under the guidance of Dame Judi Dench, attended the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Crediting Lawrence Pressman and Corbin Bernsen as his mentors, he has appeared in several independent film productions, as well as being cast on season 2 of Fargo. Already slated for 2017, he will be appearing in several films, as well as a role on an upcoming network television series. He currently resides in Calgary, Ab, and is the manager of marketing and public relations for 775 Media Corp., a newly-launched Canadian production company.

Angel Berry is a child Star from Calgary. Angel continues to make strides in the entertainment industry both in Canada and the USA. Her show on BidChat is trending and she has signed publishing deals for her music. Angel has received a Joey award nomination for her role in APTN Delmer and Marta. Angel finished a full feature story/screenplay with up and coming writer Shaun Crawford. (Miracle on Christmas pond). The screenplay is receiving great reviews and they hope it goes into production in the near future. Angel is heading to LA to shoot a feature early this November. She has over 86K followers on twitter. She cannot wait to let you know more details! @angelbonline



Jacqueline Clements, Actress, Host, Producer. You can see her on Amazon Prime in OffScreen, hosting the Bolivia Treasures Within show, and find a car show, Wheel Sharks on vTV. She is creating her first animation feature for next year with her Husband and production company in Calgary! @jacquielinn 






All Hail Saba Hailemariam, I’m Here With coined her as one of the best looking people in Calgary. Saba is CTV’s charming and professional host for their Entertainment Calendar. In December of 2016 she starred in a commercial for Ellie Bianca beauty line. Hair by her sister @lsu.suhairandbeauty



Carolyn Bridget Kennedy,  is the 
Star and creator of the Bridget 
Linden Show on YouTube, 
Super Speed Dates and her most 
recent project Danger Pay 
which is now on Funny or Die! 
She is a self made woman and a 
trailblazing inspiration to many.

Edward Ross Photo

William Belleau was born in Williams Lake, BC and grew up south of there on a small reservation in Central British Columbia called Alkali Lake.. He was first really recognized in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. He filmed in Alberta for Lawrence Roecks Diablo which won an AMPIA. Now he is most recently on Discovery Channel’s Frontier, starring Jason Momoa.


Gerald Auger – actor, writer, producer, director, entrepreneur and motivational speaker of Woodland Cree descent from Alberta, Canada is taking his film projects by storm, continuing his mission to change the Hollywood stereotype of Indigenous people and how they are perceived. We Are: Justice Nation campaign, WindcatcherLost Face, and Anichkov Bridge are his latest additions taking new heights this fall. Awarded the National Native Role Model Award by the Governor General of Canada and as a recipient of the Rotary International Integrity Award for the Avenue of Nations in Alberta, Auger steps up to the plate as a man of high regard who is ready to change the face of Hollywood.


Chris Kotelmach is Calgary’s Bachelorette Canada Star. He supports many Charity events in Calgary and is also an Inventor!

Camilla Di Giuseppe is CTV’s News Reporter we just love to get our news from! She helps host and emcee charity events in Calgary, Ab when not working.

Alberta Stars You Know From Television & Youtube! 


  1. Hi Great article but you seem to be missing some artists that I feel deserve some credit for all the hard work they have put forth over the years. I understand that may be a lot to add to your magizine article but have you heard about Jase Nelson ? http://www.innisfailprovince.ca/Local-records-first-music-video-20141021 That’s right a 13 year old boy recording his first of many music videos also a rising star in the industry. Many would even call him a triple threat as he likes to act sing and dance talk about wow factor . Jase your incredible talent has not been forgotten keep up the great work in 2017 .