UMA JAMA, Creator and Star of AMUS.

AMUS Play by Uma Jama

AMUS Theatre project talks about real Issues in Calgary on stage. The Play talks about the uncomfortable things like the issues of racism, sexuality acceptance, violence and standing up for what’s right. The debut theatre play was well received! Jama hopes to continue performances around Canada!

The Canadian – Somali, Kerry Washington look-alike Uma Jama, had her first professional acting opportunity at 19 years old. She was cast in an Independent film called “Christopher” by Canadian Director Daniel Cardinal. “I never thought I would be an actor or be in the arts; growing up I always thought I would be a teacher but I fell in love with acting and my life has never been the same ever since! It is an extremely challenging career with so many ups and downs but once you book that role it is incredible. I love the challenge of each role, each new character excites me. I’m always excited about different scripts and having to bring different characters to life,” shares Jama. Uma can be seen in roles on Netflix in Bates Motel, Arrow, Girl Friend’s Guide to Divorce and now on stages in AMUS.

Gotta give this gorgeous lady props! She is a great leader and put on a great, simple, all about the story, smart play that was deep. Jama brought to light some truths about Somali culture and some touchy subjects. The cast and crew came together to be bold and share how they feel about discrimination.


The AMUS script focuses on the murders in Alberta of young Somali men and other issues Somali communities in Canada face. It is estimated that since 2005 over a 100 young Somali men have been victims of gun violence and many of these cases still remain unsolved by police. Uma hopes to raise awareness on the realities of Canadian Somali Youth and shed light on how these tragedies came about.


The supporters of the AMUS play  is the organization Carya Calgary, which used to be known as Calgary Family Services. They provide various active programs for the Somali Community. “What we are doing is to create a bridge, and build capacity, in order to have our community not have any more tragedies with our youth. We ‘Somali Canadians’ grew up here, and our parents immigrated here to be able to have better lives, better futures.  But without role models, and mentors, many of us, have fallen off towards a wrong path. What we are doing with this play ‘Amus’ is sending out a message to our community, to start to have a dialogue, and for others to be part of the conversation. Carya is a very proud supporter of this show, and I am grateful to have been approached by Uma Jama to part of this from the beginning. I hope we are able to do more shows, and build awareness. Then have everyone start this important conversation with each other, that we need to do more for our youth, we need them to know that the community will always be there to support their growth. For the better,” Mune Hassan of Carya Calgary.


Introducing AMUS was Ms. Cherry,
photo with Mune Sepulveda.


Daisy Duches and William Hayes 
on stage, Nov. 12, 2016.


As guests arriving.

“What we are about, is creating a bridge, to build capacity, in order for to have our community not have any more tragedies with Somali youth”


On Stage performing, Saad Mohamed, 
William Hayes and Uma Jama.
amus25An amazing message about violence was shared and the 
audience was astounded by the bravery and amazing performance 
by the whole cast! The majority of the cast was 
of Somali background. Jama's debut play performance was held
 in Calgary at the John Dutton Theatre on Nov. 12, 2016.

amuscastThe cast working hard rehearsing. 

Uma with Guests


Uma with Guest Gachery Cheche
amus21Uma with Guests


Stars: Saad Mohamed, Michael Croft, 
Daisy Duchess, William Hayes and Kayowe Mune Sepulveda, 
Idil Abdisalan,and Uma Jama.

Cast bowing, the audience loved it!


Poster by Brianna D. Smith.

Picture Video song by Rachel Thorpe.

Uma at CIFF 2016, Maudie Screening. We lover her classy sexy style.


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Uma in balck and white by, Gunnar Xavier.