Another Little Romania Now Airing On Shaw TV

Another Little Romania by Daniela Apostoaei 


Born in Romania, Daniela Apostoaei graduated from the University of Law with the goal of one day using her skills to help people solve every-day problems. Turning her attention to journalism, she debuted on the media stage in 2001 as the editor of the daily newspaper “Jurnal de Dambovita” in the Investigation Department of the Artpress Press Trust. This turned out to be the defining moment of her professional life. The law was a closed door and her future would be in journalism and film. 

Over the course of eight years of journalism, Daniela has conducted various interviews, news, reports and writes articles. Her experience and legal background helped her to get actively involved in various social campaigns for disadvantaged people: the poor, the abandoned, elderly, orphans, children and women and victims of domestic violence fighting for their rights. She began publishing. Not content to simply detail the difficulties, Daniela took an active role in round tables, symposium and fundraising events for people at risk. At the end of 2013 Daniela Apostoaei filmed in a region of south-central Romania planning to make a documentary at that time about the Boyash people, who live and work still carving the same simple woodcrafts they’ve sold in the area’s towns and villages for more than 200 years. In December 2015 the documentary was selected as a Canadian Documentary to compete in the “Underground Pineapple Film Festival” in Hong Kong, China and also received the Honorary Prize at Gala for Press Awards 4th Edition, Romania. In May 2016 it was awarded the Gold Kahuna Winners for Documentary Short Competition at the Honolulu Film Awards, and go the 2016 Silver Palm Award Winner for Documentary Short Competition at the Mexico International Film Festival. 

Daniela Apostoaei and Codrut Miron

Her most recent documentary – Another Little Romania – for the first time it was screened on December 3rd in Calgary. She’s having a screening at The Globe in Calgary and it will be airing on Shaw TV in March and April of 2017. The documentary will present not only historical, cultural and social information but also a new perspective on the journey of integration in the midst of the wide-ranging diversity that makes up Canada’s modern society. 

 Airing now on Shaw TV Calgary

Article and Photo by Destiny Productions