Ben Sharifian, Hairstylist, Real Estate Agent, and MMA Fighter:

Ben was born in a large family with European and Middle Eastern descendants whom placed great values on education, sports, and humanity along with integrity, love, respect and compassion for people and other beings. Given that both of his parents were athletics, Ben was introduced to sports at the very early age and fell in love with it instantly. By observing his parents in the sports arena, Ben also learned the value of excellent work ethic and firm commitment.  These are the values that have shaped the person he is today and portrays them in everything he does.

At the age of five, Ben’s passion for sports and his drive to excel became evident to his parents. Immediately, his proud parents signed him up for his first karate class and few years later he joined the soccer and swim teams.  Ben’s keen interest in martial arts and his curiosity in different combat disciplines turned him into a five black belt Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter combining Karate, Aikido, Judo, Jui Jitsu, and Kickboxing techniques to overpower his opponent in the fighting cage.  Ben’s sport accomplishments combined with his healthy lifestyle got the attention of sport and health magazines where Ben stepped into the world of fitness modelling and acting.  These rewarding experiences motivated Ben to push his limits by setting challenging yet healthy fitness goals. Ben further modified his eating plan and worked out at the gym for several hours a day.  In a short time, Ben managed not only to further attract the media’s interest for fitness modeling in prints and a music video but also the interest of his friends for instruction on how to improve their physical conditions.  To serve those in need of guidance to effectively meet their fitness goals, Ben started to teach a MMA class where he instructs his students on the importance of discipline, focus, and self defence.  Ben’s hard work and solid commitment to fitness soon was noticed by the producers of ABX4FIVE, which allowed him to be part of an enthusiastic team that emphasizes on living a healthy lifestyle.

Sports were not Ben’s only passion, at the age of 12 he found himself in an innocent love affair with beauty and grace.  He carefully studied all the pictures of models in the beauty magazines that his mother owned.  Ben examined the hairstyle of each model including the hair cut and colour that best suited the facial feature of that model while taking a keen interest in the application of her makeup.  It was at that age when he first picked up a scissor to cut his sister’s hair and applied makeup on her.  During the makeover session, Ben’s mother witnessed the enthusiasm he portrayed while styling his sister’s hair and decided to support her son’s unique talent for hair and beauty by buying him the tools, books, and products that he needed to expand his talent.  

With the support of his mother at the early stages of his hair styling career, Ben has become an exceptionally talented hairstylist who has traveled the globe refining his skills while training in North America, Asia, Europe, and Middle East.  Ben uses hair as his canvas, bringing a distinctive aesthetic and fresh approach to draw out each client’s unique beauty.  He loves styling hair because he believes that hair is the key to being and feeling beautiful.  It is with this belief that Ben makes sure that all his clients leave his chair happy and feeling beautiful.  Mastering skills in cutting, coloring, styling, and extensions, Ben’s distinct sensibility got industry insiders to quickly recognize his unique ability to blend innovation with classic designs.  His work has been featured in many hairstyling publications and has been showcased on CTV, City TV, and Rogers TV.

The versatility to mix new fashion trends with the previous styles provides Ben a diverse range of styles when working on hair.  Consequently, recognized Ben’s salon, Sharifian Salon and Spa, as the Best Hair Salon Finalist for five consecutive years. Ben takes pride in his work and his countless awards.  He has styled hair on the stage in many fashion and hair shows while continuously building on his celebrity clientele that round out his portfolio.  

Truly passionate about hair, Ben is always on top of the trends. It is his personal goal to continue to grow and excel in his craft and ultimately share all that he learns with his staff, other professionals in the industry, and his students whom enroll to his hairstyling program.

Sharing knowledge and skill are not the only things that Ben happily offers to others, he also donates his time, money, and talent to those who seeks his help. He strongly believes in philanthropy and giving back to the community through volunteer and charity involvement.  With this belief, Ben has contributed his talent, raised funds, and offered support to organizations such as Cancer Society, Childhood Cancer Foundation, YWCA Toronto, Women’s Shelter, Toronto Rape Crisis Center, Multicultural Women Against Rape, Epilepsy Toronto, TD Bank, University Health Network, Supporting Our Youth (SOY), Tafelmusik, Cooperative & Career Education, Look At Me Now! (LAMN), and Signing Out! – The Lesbian & Gay Chorus of Toronto.  Ben has made a firm commitment to offer his support whenever and wherever possible for as long as the parties involved possess honest intentions and reasonable expectations.  

Besides giving back to community and caring for another being, Ben loves animals. This intense and talented bachelor loves walking his German Sheppard in the morning before going to the gym.  After eating a hearty breakfast, he opens his hair salon to enhance the beauty of each client that seat on his chair. After closing the salon, Ben attends to his real estate clients in the evenings by showing the listed properties and other tasks that are required of an agent. Ben’s interest in real estate started when he first bought his home and renovated it himself.  This talented and meticulous handyman soon realized an increase in value on his home, which motivated him to seek more knowledge of various types of properties that had the potential for expansion and financial growth within residential and commercial sectors.  His curiosity as well as his hunger for knowledge led Ben to obtain his Real Estate Licence.  As a Real Estate Agent, Ben is known for his smooth transactions. He routinely unites all sides of the real estate process, creating a seamless operation for his clients.  His approachable demeanour makes everyone feel comfortable and his intimate knowledge of the market has save his clients’ time and money.

This honest, upfront, and hardworking guy has other plans for himself besides work and sports. He would like to have his own family someday.  After a long day at work, he would love to come home to a loving wife and well-mannered children. With the hope that he will meet that special someone, Ben continues to enjoy the small pleasures in life. He loves the outdoor activities, camping, fishing, dancing and singing under the shower.  He also loves taking pictures of nature and people. Given that he has a modelling background, he enjoys his photoshoot sessions with his clients after styling their hair and applying their makeup.

Ben is not afraid to get his hand dirty when it comes to cooking.  He likes to cook Italian and Mediterranean dishes and loves to grill meat and vegetables on the barbeque. Ben likes having people over so he always keep his place clean and tidy and keeps his fridge full of healthy food.  To learn more about Ben, you can always Google Ben Sharifian, like him on Facebook, and/or subscribe to his Youtube Channel.  You may also visit his websites at and Ben looks forward to meeting you and to answer any question you may have regarding his expertise in hair and beauty, real estates, and sports.