Bettina Bathe, is a former Pilot turned Author and Mother of two in Calgary, AB!

Bettina is originally from Toronto, and has been living in Calgary now for 16 years. She has lived most of her life to support her children who are 17 and 14 years old. Her daughter Chantal is heading off to UBCO in Kelowna and Mathias is a National Speed Skater.

Her interests are Skiing/Skating/Swimming and live Theatre. She has traveled all over the world being a commercial pilot. Her travels have taken her to Asia/Australia/New Zealand/Europe/Caribbean/USA/Canada and South America.  After she retired from piloting she became a Writer and Author of 4 books called Violet the Pilot. She misses being a pilot to this day and is glad she was inspired by that career for her next venture as an Author. Have a view at
She was a contestant of the Miss Jetset Magazine Contest in 2016 which helped raise money for Kids with Cancer. She went to Arizona this year to be apart of the successful event! As a former Commercial Pilot, flying airplanes like the rusty old DC-3, King Air,  Float Planes, Combat Planes and more she has seen a lot in life. Bettina’s background is Austrian/English and Scottish. She is an energetic and supportive women in the socialite and arts community in Calgary!
Miss JetSet Magazine Event, Bettina in the blue dress looking amazing!