June 10, 2017 was the 7th Bachelor Auction #BachelorAuction17 in Calgary!
Reporting/Writer/Editor:Tamara Pearson
Photography:Lorne Coultman  

Tamara Pearson, Mike Lang, Bonnie Lang, Amber Craig, Michelle McNutt

“He made her feel, like he was someone she’s been searching for her whole life?”

He made her feel like home. SOLD!

As a single lady of the YYC, I was one of many who were drawn to the Roosevelt for
Survive and Thrive’s Charity Bachelor Auction on the evening of June 1, 2017. Hosted
by Amber Craig, this event is thriving in it’s 7th year. It has proved what an awesome
night of man-dates could achieve in the name of charity. I, of course, wanted to focus my attention on some of these amazing bachelors. Perhaps, show off our City, what they’re made of, and what some of them have in store for these ladies? For it was an epic case of eye candy when rolling in the door, but I knew they all had so much more to offer. Each man tasked and responsible to ensure a successful and well planned out execution of their personal date. It wasn’t just creatively marketing themselves, it was working hard and joining forces with sponsors creatively building what women want for date days.

101.5 Kool FM Cristy Farrell, Fraser Tuff, Amber Craig

Upon entering the packed house at the Roosevelt, I was offered a cider and began to
get my bearings. All of us ladies wandered and began gathering our favorites secretly in
our minds. For we were about to witness this real-life, meat-market! It was a guilty-free
pleasure as the proceeds from the auction went to “Survive and Thrive Cancer
Programs.” Ladies adorned their hottest little dresses, and we moved on with this classy event. This wasn’t just a ladies night, there was lots of guys there too. One by one, these 10 fabulous men took to the stage. 101.5 Kool FM’s Christy Farrell and Fraser Tuff emceed, keeping the tactful cracks rolling. From Ferrari rides, to Greek family vacation places, and shopping trips at east-village… How could these boys possibly disappoint? With bids from $200 to over $1200 believe me, they didn’t! Some of my interviewing highlights, included the men of the CIR Realtors; Joel Gwillim, Dimitrios Tsakalakis, and Kamil Lalji. Talk about a home run! If these men can sell themselves that well, they can also undoubtedly sell your home! Haha, I would probably give them my house.

Joel Gwillim, a realtor for 15 years raising $1000 for his date was impeccably dressed and screams class. Raised by a single Mom, he humbly tells me he owes his life and accomplishments to his Rockstar Mother. This veteran of the group is an eccentric guy who loves his sports, including baseball, football and hockey. He can also play guitar, base, drums and is taking piano lessons. Well- rounded and grounded, he is looking for a woman who fits his busy lifestyle.


Dimitrios Tsakalakis one of my favorites has a smile loaded like a deadly weapon! Twenty-Seven years young, he told me that “he had too much personality for a desk job: therefore, a better option was a job as a realtor getting out meeting people.” He didn’t need to sell anyone on his beach house in Greece with lovely family included. Worth every dime of the $1,225, I fell in love with his family and friends literally at the door! Thankfully, we can all see him again as he is a Greek dancer for a non- profit organization in Calgary. One of his special hang outs is Betty Lou’s Library, a 1920’s cocktail bar. Ladies, he’s done his time and is over and done with the single life. Dimitrios explains,”that the more he looks the less it seems to show up.” With ease and confidence he hit the stage, being excited for the next chapter of his life.

 Zach Lyster, had the interest of many of the ladies. Not only with his humble, genuine
nice guy approach, but he had the love of this city behind him. Zac had many small
business contacts from owning “The Commons” from the East- Village, who gave to
support him personally on his charity date. His efforts proved well, being one of the top-
achieving bachelors. We can’t thank him, and these business’s enough for the outpour
of support.
As another successful Bachelor Auction wraps up, we wish Calgary’s Single In the City
an enjoyable, smitten round of fun-filling dates ahead. Gratitude to all who supported
this good cause. We want to thank the bachelors, sponsors, organizations and charities.
We look forward to seeing you all again next year
All the funds of this interactive fundraiser from ticket sales, bachelor bids, and raffles go
directly towards Survive and Thrive Expeditions, which is volunteer operated and run by
Mike and Bonnie Lang.

Reporting/Writer/Editor:Tamara Pearson
Photography:Lorne Coultman
Organizers: Amber Craig, Event Coordinator and Curator
Radio: 101.5 Kool FM Emcees: Christy Farrell, Fraser Tuff
Location: Roosevelt 933 -17th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta
Charities Funds Raised: $ Survive and Thrive Cancer Programs
(Bonnie and Mike Lang)
Sponsors: Bamboo Creative Inc., Roosevelt Food & Drink
The 10 Bachelors:
Christopher Stephanou
Joel Gwillim
Zach Lyster
Sean Brigden
James Cooley
Nicholas Braham
Joshua Hebb
Kamil Lalji
Dimitrios Tsakalakis
Jake Stika