Blue Doddie, one of Calgary’s best Hip Hop Artists, will be shooting a Music Video later this month in his local town before he breaks out tour.   Blue Doddi is the new Eminem an article about his life is coming October 23rd.


Blue Doddi is a two-time Akademia Award winning hip-hop artist from Calgary Alberta Canada and was born in 1981. Blue Doddi takes influence from artists such as Tupac, Jon Connor, Young Jeezy, TI, Meek Mill, Eminem, and J Cole. His style is very diverse. He delivers a flow that is catchy, packed with clever metaphors, punchlines and easy to understand.

He can adapt to work on true to the art hip-hop tracks that can be enjoyed in the club or on the radio, and then change it up to deliver a strong message from the soul. Blue Doddi easily adapts to different environments to work with other artists and producers from not just hip-hop but different genres as well. Blue Doddi is most well-known for his award-winning song “Like It Loud”.

The song Like It Loud is full of drops, chops, and style changes, but with a catchy hook that entices people to turn the volume up. The fans and critics received the song very well. Quote: “With a tight lyrical flow, edgy production and a hard hitting beat, Blue delivers this club jam with versatility and skill” – The Akademia.

Blue Doddi recently stepped away from the independent label he was working under to branch out on his own. Operating as Cal City Records in his own studio and with the support of a network of professionals he is putting together his first independent mixtape Cal City Heat! Blue Doddi has been featured in magazines such as Soul Central Magazine; We Grind Hard and XXL.

Blue Doddi has also reached number 1 position on radio and blog charts such as Rich Radio BKNY, Gaz Houze Muzik Radio, Beyond Tha Hype, Reverbnation, and Number One Music, and has remained in the top 20 for a year (August 2014-August 2015) on the Rich Radio BKNY chart for Like It Loud!


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