Brittany has been an influential part of the Calgary Entrainment community for years now! She also runs her own marketing and promotions company BAM, she employs many beautiful ladies and hardworking men and is shining light at any event she attends! With a sweet heart and friendly attitude we aren’t suripsed she was crowned in May 2015!

Just the day before her big day being crowed she hosted a beautiful event for Operation Smile. Operation Smile. It’s a non for profit organization that facilitates volunteer doctors and surgeons, to make a difference in 3rd world countries like Africa, Brazil, Peru, Ethiopia etc.They do surgeries on children with facial deformities and cleft palates so they don’t have to live their lives as outcastes from society. Many suffer from hunger, dehydration and difficulties with speech. Basic human necessities to nourish themselves and communicate can’t be met without our support. The event was very successful and she was overjoyed by the attendees and the difference it will make for the children, which is dear to her heart!

Miss. Calgary

Words of an angel, right! we are proud to celebrate this beautiful woman and can’t wait to see what she continues to accomplish!

To donate to Operation smile go to