Zulie is in the House!

Zulie Alnahas, Go Fish star is a woman in Canada to seriously watch! This strong petite Syrian-Brazilian born artist just finished filming her first single called Be My Love Forever! The Arabic and English love song, is an original by Zulie, it’s a dance club easy listening tune.  Many people say from her look, to dancing is a fresh face in the music industry in North America. She reminds us of a Syrian Shakiria! Zulie belly dances in the ocean waves and choreographed fired dancers in the moon light! The music video was shot by Sabrina Bertolini  in the Dominican Republic and produced by Doug Barnes. It’s now on Vevo, the song is on Itunes and Spotify! Why is she launching her dancing and singing career at his point in her career? As she puts it, everything is connected. She will sing and perform on her off time of creating her own film projects. Zulie will use her singing career for her character’s role that plays a struggling actress, for season two of “Go Fish” and most likely for any projects she make. Smart! Zulie is a dancer, singer and actor who has also been writing scripts and performing in Arabic TV shows for the last decade. Zulie landed in Montreal to Calgary, Canada from the war-torn country Syria  over five years ago. She left before the war just began and she has since set down her roots, she created her own production company Go Fish Ltd, produced a Comedy TV series, Go Fish, and became a Calgary Celebrity in the last few years!

The show Go Fish hit 1.5 million viewers and just won her second award, in the summer of 2015 for best Cinematography in L.A at the LANFA awards. Go Fish is based loosely on events in her personal life, other people around her, and expresses it through the lens of humor. It’s a light-hearted look at achieving one’s goals and desires, no matter what problems may come your way. The TV show featured Calgary talent, and crew totaling over 100 people across 10 episodes.  The show is a very relate-able, cute story, of five girls that are all struggling in life to achieve their dreams.  To date the show has received 5 nominations and 2 awards. Go Fish aired for six months since December 2013 in Calgary and Kamloops on Shaw TV Channel 10. The story line is about five young women trying to make it in Calgary in a quirky cute comedic style. Her show was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Alnahas was nominated for Best Actress as well.

Zulie’s ideas, productions, and many of her scene arrangements are comparable in quality to Hollywood movies created by well-known directors and writers. Due to her hard work, talent, and dedication L.A has called her back three times in 2015. At the last L.A event in  December she debuted her single Be My Love Forever, featuring lyrics in both Arabic and English, with music composed by Brian Quaye at the Beach Studios. In the winter of 2015 she came to L.A and appeared on ‘That’s Wasss Up Radio Show’. In 2016 also in L.A, three times she was a guest on Kaotic Radio with Robert Reising, and was aired and now shared on youtube on, The Directors Cut with Rich Kenyon.

Zulie is the CEO of Go Fish Ltd, and Go Fish US Ltd. She started dancing when she was seven years old with a ballet school, she continued with the dancing school for over ten years and started performing at the age of fifteen. While she was involved in the dance troupe she visited and performed in over thirty countries around the world. During this time period she also became involved with TV series such as, ‘Harmony’, ‘Through The Day’ and ‘You Are My Heart’. She has also appeared in feature films like ‘Arrivals’ and ‘Jerusalem’. At about the age of 19 she directed a children’s theatre production, ‘Kingdom of Bees’, in Qatar. Modeling for various fashion designers, like Elie Saab and Romeo Bryan, added to her already growing reputation.

Currently Zulie is working on several projects already this year. She has her own Red Dragon  and 4K Camera. She has invested her whole self into making building her business to be one of the rising production companies in Calgary, and has helped a whole show of people start their careers. She has a support staff and many powerful friends who believe in her.  She has her own Syrian Support Charity Group and is putting on her first event on April 23rd. She is trying to help raise money for refugee families she has helped through Red Cross and people who reaching out to her. The Alberta Government supported the show Go Fish! . It wasn’t an easy ride from funding it mainly herself before delivered to Shaw TV  and being sick during filming  her show. She is excited to film the second season this year.  Zulie always rocks it on the red carpet in white at major events she attends with her Go Fish family . Usually she’s spotted with her besties in film, Jill Maria Robinson Allan Stickel, Josee Nisbet, Wassim Aladdin and Neil  Shaw, who have traveled to LA together to cerebrate at events supporting Go Fish. From her cute accent to her power of creating  her own projects as a woman in film, we can’t wait to see her projects  that are coming later on in the year.

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