Rediscover the Magic! Ever wonder why there is a train around a Christmas tree? Follow Doctor Archibald Stevens on his journey from reclusive hermit to Christmas savior as he discovers the real reason, and becomes Doc Christmas in the process.

Calgary, Canada, 10/07/2015 — Using a combination of magic and their advanced technology, elves have been delivering Christmas by train since the industrial revolution. But when a man-made epidemic sweeps through the North Pole, ‘Nick’ must go undercover to try and help the only man who might be able to cure the elves restore his belief in magic, so that he can get to the North Pole in time to save them. When curing the elves turns out to not be enough, the once-reclusive Doctor will have to believe even further as he works with his family in a last ditch effort to save Christmas!

The story of Doc Christmas came to life as a feature film script and has now been written as a book that the whole family can enjoy. (Don’t worry, there will be a movie one day). Author Neil Enock says, ‘The most magical thing about Christmas is that people tend to be a bit nicer to each other at this time of year. In the story, Doc’s heavy heart is lifted by his family and just a little Christmas magic, but once his heart takes over, he goes above and beyond in his quest to help the holiday survive. I hope that there is something here that both kids and adults alike can take some magic from.’ (Doc Christmas, publisher: iTinkr Studios, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-988108-00-1, $24.99 Hard Cover edition, www.DocChristmas .com)

Set in the present day where Christmas deliveries are handled through the world’s railways and model trains, elves are more technically advanced than people and where magic and science coexist in perfect harmony. Doc Christmas tells the tale of Doctor Archibald Stevens’ journey from reclusive hermit to Christmas savior and all the fantastic discoveries he makes along the way.

Doc Christmas is a story about a man who has lost his joy for his family, for Christmas, and for most everything else in his life. The only thing that matters to him since his wife passed away is his work. His unfettered focus has made him into a world-renowned specialist in rare infectious diseases. This fact has just become very important to Nick, who now desperately needs the Doc’s help in curing an epidemic that is raging through the elven population of the North Pole.
While Doc may have the medical knowledge to help the elves, finding out that elves are tiny – about 5/8 of an inch tall – may present an insurmountable challenge. Unless Nick and the Doc’s family can help him rekindle his beliefs in the magic of Christmas -and- in the magic of trains… the two things that will be required if he’s going to get to the right size to save Christmas. Even then, they must go further, until they discover first hand the real reason that there is a train around the tree at Christmas time.

Neil Enock is an author, actor, screenwriter, filmmaker and creator/host of the million+ viewed TrainTalk.TV iTunes podcast. Neil tells original stories in everything he does from his written work to his hand-made cribbage boards. Contact:

For this year, Doc Christmas will be available only through select booksellers, train groups and railroad museums around the world. A reseller finder on the website will direct readers to outlets in their area.

Join Neil and a cross section of the Calgary Film community at the Doc Christmas Launch Party, October 10 at L&C Style Sudios, 615 – 11th Avenue S.E. at 7:00 PM. A more traditional book signing will take place at the Indigo Store in Signal Hill, from 11:00 Am to 4:00 PM on Sunday.

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Doc Christmas
By: Neil Enock
Published by: iTinkr Studios

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Retail Price for Print: $24.99
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Advanced Praise for Doc Christmas

“What’s better than the magic of Christmas?
…Rediscovering it!

Paul Fry, Film & Television Actor, Assistant Director.

“A Christmas classic for the whole family.”

T.J. Anderson, former Mrs. Calgary, Realtor.

“A captivating, heart-warming festive story with an unusual twist. Just what the doctor ordered.”

Simon Rose, Children’s Book Author, Literary Instructor.

“Kids are going to love this!”

David Audley, Model Railroader, Railfan.