Go Fish is a Calgary Television Production created by Syrian-Brazilian actress and director Zulie Alnahas. Neil Shaw came on board to Co-Produce with Zulie. Her amazing comedic timing is brought to life through this fabulously funny and quirky Comedy, Action, Drama. This production supported the local television industry and aired on Shaw TV initially. Go Fish shot in the summer of 2013, which gave an opportunity for over 100 local talent to be showcased. The cast and crew have been out and about town sharing Go Fish with the City of Calgary and it’s citizens. Go Fish is a story of 5 girls trying to make their way in the big city of YYC. Go Fish follows the girls and their friends through all the ups and downs. The heat waves, the cold spells and the occasional storm.

The show has been circulated around LA and Calgary, with appearances by the Go Fish crew for two years, and now on Amazon Prime, in 14 Countries. Amazing an indie show made it to a viewership of 46 million! Congrats Girls and we are hearing rumors of a second season with a different cast! How exciting.


Zulie Alnahas – Naya
Jill Maria Robinson – Vivie
Uma Jama’s  Naomee
Jessica Swain’s– Sarah
Chloe Duclos – Lara

with Quinton Barr as the mischievous bad boy.