Calgary, AB – Calgary’s own 27-year-old Harmit “Harm Productions” Singh is one of Canada’s freshest up-and-coming new-school producers. HP brings his cross-genre compositions, meticulous production and widespread appeal to the Harmed Forces talent roster.

Harm is a solid fixture in Calgary’s hip-hop scene with Harmed Forces Cyphers, Calgary HipHop handles and has collaborated with local and International MCs including Sjam, Travis Omen, Sikander Kahlon, Real Sikh, Divine and more. But Harm’s rap sheet also includes commercial scores and corporate jingles. He specializes in building instrumentals around acapellas, and has built some of his best beats around simple acapella samples sent to him by companies and artists. Harm’s musicality spans from EDM beats to old-school hip-hop, and everything else in between. “The HP sound has no limitations and can cater all artists’ needs,” says Harm. “HP sound is universal and can reach every corner of the world. This is the true sound of Harm Productions.”

HP was born and raised in Calgary. Harm has always been drawn to the music. He started producing on his own with Fruity Loops software at the age of 16. He’s worked his way up to a fancy iMac G5 desktop computer with Pro Tools software, and he uses a Roland Fantom X6 workstation for key sampling.

HP frequently performs at Calgary’s 10 at 10 Hip-Hop Showcase and has been fortunate enough to work with the esteemed Hollywood producer-composer, Boban Apostolov. “Every and any artists influence me,” says Harm. “If you have the drive and passion to push your music and do as much as you can to make your dreams come true, then you are a big motivation to me.” Harm plans to bring his HP brand of music to the rest of the country. So hit him up online to sample those signature HP beats, and to find out what Harm is cooking up in the studio.