You know when you meet someone you’ve seen on TV before and you don’t know how to control yourself but want to be smooth and cool with them? Well, that didn’t happen for I’m Here With when we first met Carolyn Bridget Kennedy, star of the hit web series The Bridget Linden Show.

“Oh my goodness, it’s you!” IHW said when we first met Carolyn on the set of Off Screen, a comedy TV pilot produced by Jewelle Colwell. We have been a fan of hers since 2012 and have watched every one of her episodes. We first saw her being shared like crazy in emails and on Facebook when her show came to life! An IHW reporter recalls sitting at a temp job, bored as can be, and seeing Bridget Linden pop up on her computer screen in a bathing suit top, ready to make us laugh. We certainly never forgot her face!

At our second meeting IHW did manage to keep our cool. We were invited to her beautiful home and sat down for two hours of natural conversation. It was absolutely wild to hear Carolyn’s life story. She is a very private person, so not all details will be shared. But, we were honoured that she opened up to us about the 180º change in her life before she set out on her new path of acting. Bridget, the character she created, is a cute vivacious blonde woman who tells her stories through her episodes that run from one to five minutes in length.

Carolyn reached a point in her life where she needed to change her destiny. As scary as it was, she knew that she had to do something different. For her, that meant altering her career path. She has shown us, like no one else that she can and has overcome serious life obstacles and never gave up. Now, she is one of Calgary’s best-known YouTube stars with over 611,000 viewers on her series “The Bridget Linden Show.” Carolyn is the creator, writer, director and producer of this Internet web series – in addition to playing the main character, Bridget Linden. Her show first aired on YouTube in February 2012. As of May 2015, the series has 114 episodes!


The first thing you notice is her big brown eyes, followed by her radiating confidence and athletic slender build. As her character Bridget, she plays a sexy, informative, fun-loving and inspirational single woman. She isn’t afraid to make jokes, share her two cents and dress up – wow, she has so many costumes for the show! She single-handedly built her empire from the ground up by assembling a home studio, extensive filming equipment, costumes and a social media presence. Before she debuted Bridget Linden, she already had a solid network of fans in place from her photos and promos. Carolyn makes us realize if you want to live your dream badly enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. She has always done things with grace and professionalism. The series was met with instant success. YouTube made her a partner within six weeks of her first airing!

Nearly 20 years ago, Carolyn spent a year working hard to lose over 110 pounds and has kept it off. She was also widowed at a young age and then moved to a new city. Despite the many challenges in Carolyn’s life, she has persevered. She would like to share her story to inspire others. Here are five life lessons Carolyn would like to pass on:

Lesson 1: Listen to those around you who see the best in you.

In 2011, Carolyn lived the office life doing paralegal work before she transitioned into entertainment. She recalls a conversation with a friend who encouraged her to be an actor because of her personality, sense of humour and comedic timing. He put her in contact with an actress in Calgary, who kindly passed along some information on acting courses and additional contacts. With these new insights and her determination, she now had the right footing to start her new path within film and made the choice to move forward, pursue happiness and no longer be defined by her circumstances.

After some initial training, she then got her comedic talent onto film by creating a bunch of skits about a 30 something single woman’s stereotype, while cleverly adding the silver lining of being an independent woman who seeks out new experiences despite not having a partner. Bridget Linden was born.

Carolyn Bridget Kennedy

Lesson 2: Make a plan and create your own identity.

When we first met Carolyn on the set of Off Screen, which we had the honour of getting to visit, her professionalism and passion as an actress playing the part of Lindsay and as first assistant director to Jewelle Colwell was very apparent. She has also appeared on Fargo (TV series), The Right Kind of Wrong (2013 Movie), Bluff (2013 TV series), The Horses of McBride (2012 TV movie), Heartland (2012 TV series) and The Ladies of Calgary (2015 Reality Show). Most recently, Carolyn played Nurse Champagne in the new Hershell Gordon Lewis horror film, BloodMania (2014 Movie). Carolyn is also in pre-production of her new comedy web series “Danger Pay” for which she is the writer, director, producer, and starring as the lead character, Michelle Scott.

Carolyn is always investing in her career. She trains constantly, takes acting classes (including a memorable one with Peter Skagan) and practices acting in her home studio regularly under the direction of Neil Schell and others. She told us about all the activities and sports she has tried. She loves learning as many skills as she can in order to enhance her abilities.

She has branded herself as the character of the alluring trailblazer. She has been sought out to audition for roles with characters that are similar to Lena Headey’s character of Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones; Sigourney Weaver in Alien; Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct; Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich; and Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses.

Carolyn is currently on her second year of pursuing feature filmmaking and is participating in a director/producer apprenticeship with the talented Neil Schell. It is an intensive one-on-one course that involves step-by-step training for aspiring filmmakers.

Lesson 3: Own it!

Her new web series, Danger Pay, will be a departure from the Bridget Linden Show, which she will continue to produce. It will be a more formal scripted multi-scene comedy about a paralegal, working for a bizarre lawyer, who longs to fulfill her desire to be an actor.

Demure Duchess Pictures is Carolyn’s new production company through which she will create all future projects, including Danger Pay and new Bridget Linden episodes.

Carolyn has trademarked the name Demure Duchess and created a logo – two D’s intertwined. Under this brand she also has a clothing line that is currently in development. The target market of this line is for the strong elegant independent woman.

Lesson 4: Be positive about what you have to contribute.

Carolyn is a very approachable and kindhearted woman. Many of her fans see that and shower her with encouragement and enjoy sharing their own stories with her. Carolyn doesn’t wish to name-drop but she has a lot of American filmmakers, and actors and even a rapper or two, who reach out to her on social media in hopes to collaborate and simply to compliment. IHW doesn’t know anyone else who can say that a former 20th Century Fox producer has contacted them simply by seeing them on YouTube (and even sent her a signed copy of their book). Her fans are continually supportive and in turn she makes every effort to acknowledge them and show her appreciation (even in her videos). We can see that it has become an inspirational series to so many!

Lesson 5: Find your people.

Carolyn’s Bridget Linden videos have something for everyone. Among other things, Bridget shares her stories, adventures and ideas. She believes in adding fun to life, and hopes she can help you smile. She wants to motivate you to be the best “you” that you can be, and encourage you to change your life from ordinary to extraordinary!

“You do all this yourself, why?” asks IHW. Carolyn tells IHW that she learned early on that if she wanted to be serious about making a go of acting as a career, she would need to create something of her own to showcase herself to the world.

“Bridget is a great outlet for me”, says Carolyn. “And, people seem to like it, which is gratifying and also motivating. My new series will include a similar comedic quirkiness with a new character. And you never know, maybe Bridget will find her way into it somehow.”

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