Plot summary: After saving a 15 year old homeless girl from a couple of drunk cowboys on the streets of New York City in 1898, Joshua Ingram brings her home to his tenement where he also lives alone after the murder of his parents. Priscilla and Josh are forced to marry in order for them to continue living in Josh’s tenement by order of his landlord. When Josh inherits the life insurance and proceeds from his father’s dental business, he and Priscilla rescue 4 orphaned children and relocate to the deserted mining town of Calico, California for a better life. Together, Josh and Priscilla care for these kids and discover that they have fallen in love with each other along the way. Life in Calico is great until the past comes back and finds them one last time, for one last show down.


Born in 2000 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada to Gary and Lana Watson, Brandon Watson began writing at the age of 4. At the age when most children were playing with toys, Brandon was discovering his passion for film. At the age of 3, Brandon was moved by watching the special features section of DVDs. Captivated by the movie-making process, he was determined to one day become a writer and director. He approached his parents and asked them what he needed to do to become a writer/filmmaker. Their response was “First, you’ll need to learn how to read and write”. They began to teach him just that. By the time he started school, he was 2 years ahead academically, and continued to grow. He began making short films at the age of 5, when he got his first computer and video camera for Christmas.

Career Highlights

Since moving to Calgary in 2006, Brandon has been working on his acting career as well as making YouTube videos, short films, and acting in independent films and TV. In 2013, Brandon shot a PSA for Gary & Steffanie Busey’s foundation for Kawasaki Disease on behalf of their son Luke, who was stricken with this terrible disease at the age of 14 months. Gary and Steffanie approved Brandon’s PSA video, and it was tweeted out to over 30 million Twitter users.  Within months, Brandon was introduced to Gary’s manager Ron Sampson who signed Brandon to his management company in December 2013. In March 2014, Ron & Brandon formed Windsor Artist Productions, LLC (W.A.P.) a U.S. based company. Since then he has been signed by Global Artists Agency in Los Angeles by April Lim, and The Characters Talent Agency in Alberta, Canada.

At 13, Brandon wrote/produced/directed/edited and starred in a 97-minute western love story set in 1898 called Calico, shot from October 12-24 at the famous CL Ranch west of Calgary.  In August 2015, Calico was picked up for worldwide distribution [all media] by Adler & Associates Entertainment, Inc. of Los Angeles. Due to this new development, Brandon has been submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest writer/producer/editor to get worldwide distribution and will most likely earn the title of Youngest Canadian Filmmaker to get a worldwide distribution deal.

The Calico poster was featured in a full-page ad by Alder & Associates in The Hollywood Reporter for TIFF and will be featured at the American Film Market in L.A. this November.

Brandon is excited to move on to his next film project, another western set in 1866 called The Clinch Mountain Tracker. This film is in pre-production, also listed on IMDb with several actors/actresses on board as well as crew members who have worked on a list of well-known films.

Brandon is constantly busy working on projects of his own, as well as others in the film community.  He just completed a short film, in which he plays the lead role of Dillon, with an award-winning crew in Calgary, and was just recently interviewed on the red carpet at the Calgary International Film Festival by KSPS Public TV for Kidzhub. Brandon also enjoyed creating the official trailer for Calico under the guidance of Jeremy Lunt, Vice-President of Distribution for Adler & Associates Entertainment.  Jeremy is also coaching Brandon on the deliverables (the final editing) of Calico to ensure that the film will be 100% ready for all media markets.  Adler’s faith in Brandon’s skills to take on this editing job is a testament to his abilities.

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