Carolyn Bridget Kennedy

Made it on Funny Or Die! 

Actress, Producer, and Comedy Writer in Calgary is a Trailblazer with her own shows and now with Danger Pay.

For over 20 years Carolyn Bridget Kennedy worked as a paralegal, until she decided to make a career change and enter the world of acting and film production.  She started her new journey, in earnest, in early 2014.  Since then she has not looked back.

Since we last met with Carolyn, she has released a total of 6 episodes of her comedy web-series “Danger Pay”. It is about a woman, Michelle Scott, who accepts a job that pays more than usual to work for a bizarre lawyer and endure his antics so she can afford to pursue her dreams.

Photographs by:  Edward Ross

Carolyn has released “Danger Pay” to its own YouTube channel at  She also has a channel on Funny Or Die, Will Ferrell’s comedy website, where viewers can also watch the episodes and vote “Funny” in order to support them and keep them on the site.  The pilot episode of “Danger Pay” was nominated as 2016 Best Pilot at WebFest Montreal.  It also has been mentioned as an “under-the-radar series to watch” by TubeFilter.  After releasing all 6 episodes, the series is now up for consideration on the festival circuit.  Her audience is delighting in how Michelle navigates everything that her eccentric boss throws at her. Carolyn has written a story arc for 26 episodes over 2 seasons.

In addition to “Danger Pay”, Carolyn has also written, produced, and acted in her first comedy short film called “Super Speed Dates”.  It is about a group of women who attend a speed dating event, but they soon begin to wonder if the men they are meeting have another side to them. This film has been completed, but it may be about a year before we are able to view this project online as Carolyn is in the process of submitting it to the festival circuit as well. A teaser trailer for this film can be seen at

Women in Film & Television Alberta graciously gave Carolyn a complimentary pass to the Banff World Media Festival in June of 2016. She managed to book a number of meetings through the duration of the Festival. She met and spoke with many industry people including Russell Peters, Ben Mulroney, the president of HBO, Jay Roach, and the creator of Lost, Damon Lindelof.  “Danger Pay” has also caught the attention of two networks who have shown interest in developing it as a TV series.

This Fall, Carolyn was nominated for Comedic Artist of the Year and “Danger Pay” was nominated in the categories of Best TV Show and Best Web Series in the Canadian Comedy Awards.

Carolyn has accumulated a loyal following of fans who shower her with encouragement and enjoy sharing their own stories with her.  People admire her strength of character and her message about being able to change one’s life by sharing her own personal story about her own 110 pound weight loss nearly 2 decades ago.  She is also very active on social media having verified accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Periscope.  On Twitter alone she has over 26,000 followers.

Carolyn has attracted international attention about her career. She has appeared as a special guest on local and American talk shows, and has been featured in online publications, print magazines, podcasts and radio shows around the globe.  Carolyn is living proof that it is never too late to pursue your dreams.

Website: carolyn1

Written by:  Richard J. McRae