Jay Montalvo General Hospital Actor Interview

Jay Montalvo is a very down to earth guy who is known for being loyal in his acting career and has enjoyed taking people along with him in his career. Jay started out in NYC...

Launch Isabella Spagnollo – No Alcohol Fashion Drink – In India

Launch Isabella Spagnollo - No Alcohol Fashion Drink - In India

Go Fish Goes to LA

Life is what we make of it while some people "Go Fish", Zulie creates. She started with vision to change entertainment in Calgary, Canada and is now looking at the world. People view her...

20 Things You Should Know About Jordan Pruitt

Jordan Pruitt who was on The Voice and several Disney Shows. Tells us 20 things about herself in her own words. 1 I hate sweet potatoes 2 I have a fear of flying 3 I have a...

Jay Montalvo Producer and Actor from General Hospital Chilling

Jay Montalvo stops by the "Im Here With Magazine" LA Office. Jay is from Soap Opera General Hospital and most recently Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Jay's career has changed in the last from being the...

When Your Career is Hell On Wheels

Kevin Davey Article on, Hell On Wheels' Paddy Quinn, opens up about his tough past and getting to where he is coming soon..#kevindavey #braveman #paddyquinn

All Roads Lead to Red Road on Sundance with Timothy Perez

Timothy D. Perez Actor known from the Red Road on @SundanceTV. This Actor-Pilot lives in Atlanta wecan't wait to share more on this amazing tough guy! Check out his IMB and see all he's been...

Zulie Alnahas Hits the Beach

Cable TV Producer Zulie Alnahas is in the studio today at the renown Beach Studio in Calgary, AB, Canada! Syrian-Canadian Star is laying down her first single Be My Love For Ever, now on...

Celebrity Chef Gennaro Silvestri Engaged!

Congratulations to the engagement of our Celebrity Chef Gennaro Silvestri from 500 Cinquecento Cucina in Calgary, AB. We love to celebrate love! Send us your engagement photos!