Mark Medeiros, also known as Mareko, is a singer, and songwriter from Honolulu, Hawaii. He has been in Hawaii Five-O as an actor and more as well! We noticed this artist through, Rachel Thorpe who was in August’s pages. Rachel is a fellow friend and musician of Mareko, they did a cover by Justin Biebier recently together. Their Hawaiian sounded added to it makes it extra beautiful. We heard his cover song with Rachel and had to share about this talented man as well. His interest in music began after teaching himself to play the ukulele at age 11. Mareko was influenced by various genres and experimented with different types of music not commonly played on the ukulele; oldies, rock, jazz, blues, country, pop. He became known for his fast strumming and intricate-picking technique on what is known as a simple four-string instrument.

Cold Water cover by Mareko with Rachel Thorpe, The video on FB has hit over 11k


At the age of 9, he got his first taste of acting while performing a short skit in front of his class. The teacher encouraged him to consider acting after being impressed by his performance. The encouragement helped plant the seed that would lead to a future acting career.
Before pursuing his passion for music and acting, Mark was set on joining the Military and traveling the world. At age seventeen, he enlisted in the Army right out of high school. He became a Signals Intelligence Analyst and was stationed in Europe and Colorado. He was promoted to Sergeant before being honorably discharged. The Army helped him develop an interest in law enforcement, which motivated him to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.
After graduation, Mark applied for various agencies to become a Special Agent. While waiting to for his application to go through, he was convinced by a friend to apply as an extra on Hawaii Five-0. He was immediately called to work on season 5 for a role in a police lineup. The opportunity to work on the show made him decide to pursue acting full time. In 2015, He began taking acting lessons with Film Actors Studio, Scott Rogers, Sally Jackson, Hawaii Filmmakers Collective, and taking various acting workshops to hone his skills.
His big break occurred after landing a Guest Star role on Hawaii Five-0 Season 6. Mark played Fuamete, a criminal who gets in a car chase with the protagonist, Scot Caan, resulting in the two characters being in a Mexican Stand-off. The Guest Star role opened up more opportunities and earned him work in local commercials and independent films. He recently worked on the Untitled Mother Daughter movie as a henchman, starring Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn.

Although he has seen success as an actor, music is and has always been his first love. Mark, who goes by the stage name, Mareko, has recorded a few songs and is expected to release his EP in September 2016. He also is expected to release a music video for “Sweet Melody,” a song featuring the well-known artist, Fiji. Unlike other Hawaii music videos, Mareko wrote a story line for the song to incorporate and display his acting talents in the video. Despite his first EP being reggae themed, he has not attached himself to any specific genre. Mareko has written songs for various genres including: pop, rock, and folk. He finds inspiration from being a father and other various life experiences. Mareko currently resides in Hawaii near his family and continues to work on his craft as an artist.

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