International Author, Public Speaker, Actor with “Faces of Wendy”, Advocate with Free2LUV, and Self Defense and is  a anti-bullying coach!

We asked David to share his story about his struggles in life and film in Calgary Canada.

David shares, “I was diagnosed with ADHD in 1997, at that time I was in grade 7 and struggled with the concept of the school system. Growing up with ADHD brought on many challenges as I grew to understand the truth behind ADHD, however, when I was able to understand the positives and the abilities with ADHD was when I truly adapted. I was able to use the abilities of ADHD to truly propel forward, these abilities included passion, honesty, and creativity. When I was able to focus on my passion and creativity I was able to achieve anything.”

“Loyalty is also a huge part of having ADHD, when you care for someone you truly become very loyal to that person, I grew up very loyal to those I cared about. With my life experience with ADHD I felt it was important for me to create a story and character who has ADHD, and to bring this character to life to bring more awareness toward ADHD. Thus I partnered up with Dustin Clingan, a director from Los Angeles, California. Together we designed a story that embodies some of the true characteristics of ADHD, loyalty and passion. We then joined forces with our co-producer, Macleish Day who shares the same focus with supporting the ADHD community. It was a project that took over eight months to design, but we are happy to announce we begin filming the short movie October 29th, 2016 in Los Angeles. We are also excited to include one of the industry’s best talents, Dominique Swain to the cast. Dominique Swain will be playing the lead character, Elisa McAdams. We feel Dominique Swain will bring incredible creativity, passion, and personality to the character of Elisa McAdams, and feel she is the best fir for the project. Dominique Swain garnished recognition with her role in the 1997 remake of “Lolita”. She also starred alongside Olivia Wilde and Justin Timberlake in the film, “Alpha Dog”, says David.

David feels this project is crucial for bringing awareness to the ADHD community. He is very excited to begin filming, and to begin the marketing once it is done production.  You can follow the project here:


After surviving depression and suicide for over 16yrs, an intense career in security and bodyguard work, being diagnosed with ADHD in grade 7, being diagnosed with permanent brain damage in 2011, Dave has become a recognized author, self defense instructor, actor, public speaker, and a public speaker.

Dave has appeared on television series such as:

* Heartland (season 8, episode 13)
* Young Drunk Punk (season 1, episode 5)
* Sunday Omony Show (season 2, episode 1)
* Hell on Wheels (episode pending)

He has appeared in an empowerment anthology entitled, “Tenacious Living: Choose Your Adventure” as a co-author, the book was to 20 for sales on Amazon.com within 5 days!

Dave has shared his inspiring stories on many internet radio shows, and has appeared on over 8 stations! 

You can also follow my work as a Concussion and ADHD Awareness speaker, actor, and entertainment writer here: