David Oulton, Calgary Actor who was in July’s Issue for making a voice for Fort McMurray

 On set of The Agreement.


David Oulton with SARAH MOORE, EVP of 775 Media Corp., on the set of
Guns of Purgatory.

David shares, “This is the film I am the proudest of thus far, and was one of the more challenging roles. I played a British soldier, who was also fluent in French. So at one point in the film, I’m speaking French dialogue with a British accent. Corporal Lewis is probably my favorite character, if I had to choose one. The film was directed by Mike Peterson, and produced by Julian Black Antelope. The Agreement was just nominated for a Governor General’s History Award. If the film wins, the award is presented by the Governor General at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, so it’s quite exciting. Immediately following The Agreement, I worked on Guns of Purgatory. It’s a period piece set in the 1800’s essentially about a clash between two groups of outlaws. I believe this is going on to do the festival circuit next. Statement in regards to Galaxy Trek Following the pilot episode of Galaxy Trek, Oulton has no plans to reprise his role in subsequent episodes. After discussions around scheduling and contracts, Oulton departed the series in favor of another opportunity. Galaxy Trek was a fun set to be on, and I made some very good friends there. Like everyone else at this point, I’m waiting to see when the pilot will finally be released (after several delays), and wish them all the best. 775 Media Corp I was presented with a very interesting opportunity recently to join a new film and television production company, 775 Media Corp., based here in Calgary. The partners in the company are an interesting mix of backgrounds, spanning both business and the entertainment industry. I work very closely alongside Mike Peterson and Julian Black Antelope, who head up our creative side. With us all having different backgrounds, expertise, and experience, it creates a very dynamic environment that’s presenting some intriguing opportunities. I’m personally managing the marketing and PR department of 775 Media Corp., as this was my background prior to entering the film industry. I had done social media management for some reality TV “stars” and a few other public figures. I love every minute of it, as it’s giving me a hand on education on the back end of film and television production. Very soon our website, social media platforms, branding, etc will all be made available. Watch for that in early September! I have a great team working on our imagery and online presence at the moment, and it will be very exciting to share this with everyone. We’re expecting to announce our first set of projects in the coming weeks.”


David with Catherine Gell of Burn Your Maps at TIFF 2016.

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