Embrace Your Passion with our writer David M. Boddy

I was asked how I became involved in the entertainment business, and I have always answered in the same way, choosing to pursue my passion. That is the truth, and that is why it is my favorite way to respond. I had always had interest in drama and performance, however, due to serious self-esteem issues due to over twelve years of being bullied I disallowed myself any opportunity to pursue the entertainment industry.

It was not until I was discharged from brain injury rehab in 2011 when I choose to make passion my purpose, and this meant pursing the entertainment industry. I had to overcome seven months of intense rehab to learn who I was, and to be reminded of my self-worth. I entered rehab as a broken individual who suffered depression at this point for over sixteen years, fifteen concussions, shoulder arthritis and tendinitis, and more issues. While I was in rehab I explained to my psychologist about my struggles with suicide in 1999, 2006, and in 2011. Due to bringing this to her attention she could help me garner the support I would need to overcome all this.

Being in rehab for over seven months was the best experience for me, as it allowed me to learn who I was at the most natural level. I had so much anger, depression, hurt, and sadness within me that it allowed me to become bitter. It was when I was discharged I could set focus on my goals, I exited brain injury rehab as a completely new person, however, the truth was I exited being who I was, truly. I exited rehab as myself completely.

I made it a focus to pursue the entertainment industry, and that is exactly what I did. I begun public speaking, and soon enough I was asked to produce a youth empowerment television series with a good friend of mine. I would produce this series for two years, and it was an amazing experience. When I finished producing the television series I found an agent and begun acting. Within a week or so my new agent could land me some gigs. I could pursue my passion, and I could not be anymore proud and happy.

Anytime I was invited to set I was happy to attend and work hard. I love any opportunity on set. It reminds me of when I was in school and deep inside I wanted to act and perform, and I just could not do it, and now here I am doing it. I realized I had regret for allowing other people to have such power and control over my passions, and I vowed at this moment to never again allow someone else to control my passion.

Once I garnered some on set experience I pursued my second passion within the industry, writing. I would debut as a co-writer for the short film “Photographic Memory”, which was about ADHD and concussions, two topics I am very familiar with due to personal history. I was finding great satisfaction within the industry as I focused only on projects that had my interest due to passion, and I realized how powerful making passion your purpose is on your life.

I joined the entertainment industry as it was something that meant a lot to me, and I was finally able to make it my purpose. It was something I would have done many years ago if I was in the mindset that allowed me confidence to feel I could do it. I look back on my life now and I realize life is too fragile to ever allow someone power over you. I have lost nine close friends during my life so far, and I have lost them to various reasons, such as: suicide, overdose, murder, heart attacks, and more. I realized when they passed away that my life is just as fragile, and at any moment it could end.

When I left rehab, I was focused solely on my passions, and I made it a point to join the entertainment industry to prove to myself that my passion is worth it. I had to join the entertainment industry as it has always been a passion of mine, and now I focus on helping others focus on making their passion(s) their purpose as well. I overcame so many years of depression, fear, loss, and pain to make sure I respected my life, and I realize now the best way to respect your life is to live it, and to live it focused on your passion.

If there is one thing I will tell anyone after all I overcame, it would be you become the best version of yourself when you make passion your purpose, and to never allow someone else power over your passion. This is your life, and you have the right to live it your way. Chase your passion, there is a reason your passion is always pulling you towards it, it is a HUGE part of you. Now embrace your passion.

Article by David M Boddy 
Cover Photo of Zen Model/Actress - Cover Girl Zulie Alnahas