No Matter if you speak Spanish or not, you will enjoy the song La Apanadora by Peruvian – Canadian singer Felipe Alberto.

Felipe is an artist who has been inspired since childhood by tradition and things of old.  In his family music always played a central role, and growing up Canada, Peru, and Spain, his style is influenced by many genres.  As a boy he spent countless hours with his father singing Latin-American songs of the early 20th century and listening to old vinyl records.  Enamoured with the legacy of Hispanic music, he taught himself guitar chords from an old songbook and learned strumming patterns from his uncles.  As his appreciation for Latin guitar grew, so too did his desire to discover more.  On his summer vacations he began to take guitar classes with Master Pepe Torres at his academy in Lima Peru.  There he began to better understand the interplay of the different sounds in traditional music, while appreciating stories and anecdotes of the composers and performers of the songs he loved so much.  In his first album, Alma del Ayer, Felipe Alberto hopes to offer a fresh take on Peruvian music while maintaining the authenticity of the art form.

Video By L&C Style 2015

Check out the link of his up coming shows. He has been to Perue and New York a handful of times since the video came out!