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Frankline Agbor is an engineer by trade and an “opportunistic creator”
by design. He is passionate about sustainability such that, he started
Green Crusader Inc. in 2010 to foster sustainability in Alberta;
community, environment and business. With some self-bias, he will narrow
down his own bio to his community involvement only.

In 2010, he founded Afro Canadian Heroes Award, a year after he touched
down at the Edmonton International Airport from Birmingham, UK. Afro
Canadian Heroes Award inspired the creation of Afro Canadian Magazine
which has since evolved into Diversity Magazine. Diversity Magazine shares
diverse community stories in Alberta in print and online. While he
maintains Afro Canadian Award to celebrate and appreciate successes and
achievements of people of African descent, in 2016, he started Diversity
Award to celebrate Edmonton’s diversity.

Frankline has written over a thousand stories on sustainability. He has
celebrated over a hundred people through his awards. He has given
countless presentations and consultations on communication, trained
communication and marketing students from Edmonton’s universities and
colleges, and supported by half a dozen team members. His irresistible
tendency to share stories; attend numerous community events; craft a
vision for the future; develop an understanding of the social, political
and economic climate around him; has empowered him into a self-taught
communication strategist who consults for non-profits, businesses,
politicians and many more.

His platform, Diversity Magazine, one of the fastest growing in an
increasingly diverse Alberta, brings diverse voices, contents, products,
services, organisations and what have you, to its over 40,000 readers on
all platforms, sharing the wonderful works of over a hundred organisations
using Diversity Magazine to get their word out to an increasingly diverse


Frankline’s works have been profiled in Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun,
Edmonton Examiner, Global TV, CTV, City TV, CBC Edmonton, World FM, and
many others. His trademark Diversity Magazine was awarded the Alberta
Avenue 2016 Business Recognition Award, and ERIEC’s 2016 Partnership
Award. Frankline is originally from Cameroon, and was profiled in; 50
Years of Impact: A Biographical Dictionary of Canadians of Cameroon
Origin, produced by the Cameroon High Commission in Ottawa.

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