Gerrick Winston is an actor and filmmaker in Calgary, Canada. Beginning his career in the U.S. as a runway and print model, Gerrick modeled for American and Canadian fashion store chains while attending university. He then began pursuing acting, and had been in numerous commercials and television shows as a background actor, until he finally landed his first principle acting role as “Tito”, Michael Jackson’s eldest brother, in the critically acclaimed biopic, “Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story.” Gerrick has shared the small screen with some of Hollywood’s biggest tv actors, like Matthew Perry, Ernie Hudson, Jamie Gertz, and Katie LeClerc. He has also worked as a stunt double for Danny Glover in Director Lawrence Roeck’s gritty western, “Diablo,” starring Scott Eastwood. Gerrick is a writer/director in his own right, having written and directed a number of short films in the last five years. He most recently entered two of his shorts in the Calgary International Film Festival, and is working on two more.

If you have ever worked with Gerrick you would know he has an amazing soulful singing voice!


Alana Hawley Purvis and Gerrick Winston on set of The Great Fear. 


In the Winter 2017 Issue