Ghazal Alnahas is I’m Here With’s most watched TV Star. She has been a rising Actress and Director since 2013 in Calgary, AB.

Ghazal is the CEO of Go Fish Ltd, and Go Fish US Ltd. Alnahas started dancing when she was seven years old with a ballet school, she continued with the dancing school for over ten years and started performing at the age of fifteen. While she was involved in the dance troupe she visited and performed in over thirty countries around the world. During this time period she also became involved with TV series such as, ‘Harmony’, ‘Through The Day’, and ‘You Are My Heart’. She has also appeared in feature films like ‘Arrivals’ and ‘Jerusalem’. At about the age of 19 she directed a children’s theatre production, ‘Kingdom of Bees’, in Qatar. Modeling for various fashion designers, like Elie Saab and Romeo Bryan, added to her already growing reputation.

Ghazal has been writing scripts for various Arabic TV shows which has led her to writing her own series as well as a feature film script. The TV Comedy Series Go Fish is based loosely on events in Ghazal’s personal life, viewed through the lens of humor, it is a light hearted look at achieving ones goals and desires no matter what problems may come your way.

Since arriving in Canada Ghazal has been involved in the Shaw TV Talent Show, short films ‘Letting Go’, ‘Disconnect’, and feature films such as ‘Treacherous Heart’. She has continued to model for Leighton Pin, a designer based in Montreal, and Romeo Bryan who lives in the U.K.

2011 marked the opening of Ghazal’s Performing Arts Academy called iPerform Arts which taught students singing, acting, and dancing. The students of iPerform appeared in several public performances as well as appearing in spoken roles for both the pilot episode of Go Fish and Season One of Go Fish.

2013 was a very busy year for Ghazal, with the startup of Go Fish Ltd. a production company, followed by the planning and production of the TV Comedy Series Go Fish throughout the remainder of the year. Concurrent with all of the events in 2011, 2012 and 2013 Ghazal found the energy and time to write the script for a full length feature film which will be entering production mid of 2014. Go Fish aired for 6 months since December 2013 in Calgary and Kamloops on Shaw TV Channel 10. The storyline is about five young women trying to make it in Calgary. Her show was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Alnahas was nominated for Best Actress. The show Won Best Comedy at the NAFCA awards in Los Angels in September 2014! She is off to L.A mid August for another award show for her series Go Fish! We wish her luck on her nomination!

Currently Ghazal is working on several other projects, including Season Two of Go Fish,  TV Documentary, Fitness Video and the Feature Freedom Horse.