Staring, from the left to right: Chloe Duclos, Melissa Cambridge, Jill Maria Robinson, Uma Jama, Ghazal Alnahas, Jess Swain. Supporting cast: Josee Nisbet, Quinton Barr, Allan Stickel, Chengis Javeri, Johnny Scott, Vitaliy Demens, Zach Wintonyk, Brianna Smith, Wassim Lacost and Orin Mucuskah

Life is what we make of it while some people “Go Fish”, Zulie creates. She started with vision to change entertainment in Calgary, Canada and is now looking at the world. People view her like Cher; her name creates “Zulie’s” world.

There is no doubt in our minds that Ghazal Alnahhas is a powerhouse. This Syrian-Brazilian filmmaker and actress are known as Zulie throughout Canada. She, along with her background as a Dubai Star, has come into the Calgary entertainment industry and changed it. She created the series “Go Fish”, a cute comedy that has been coined as the female Friends.


Zulie, and a handful of Go Fish Actors arrived in Hollywood, for the Los Angeles Nollywood Film Awards ceremony held on Saturday, August 15th, 2015.

At the  LANFA awards the Go Fish production was nominated, and won, the award for Best Film Cinematography. Last year they received four nominations and won for Best Comedy at the NAFCA Awards in L.A.

Zulie has a very busy schedule ahead of her with Go Fish attending the Calgary International Film Fest in late September, as well as being a Presenter at the 2015 NAFCA Awards.

Queen Amina, the LANFA Film Award host, was sparkling on stage this year! Queen has supported Zulie for the past four years and gave a fantastic speech highlighting Zulie’s rising status as an award winning Actress and Director from Dubai. Since coming to Canada six years ago, Zulie has continued to develop her career and has since received five nominations and two awards for her production work. She has put together a successful production company Go Fish Ltd.


While Zulie is the CEO of Go Fish Ltd., she has been involved in the performing arts from a very early age. She started dancing when she was seven years old with a ballet school While she was involved a  dance troupe she visited and performed in over thirty countries around the world. During this time period, she also became involved with TV series such as, ‘Harmony’, ‘Through The Day’, and ‘You Are My Heart’. She has also appeared in feature films like ‘Arrivals’ and ‘Jerusalem’. At about the age of 19 she directed a children’s theater production, ‘Kingdom of Bees’, in Qatar. Modeling for various fashion designers, like Elie Saab and Romeo Bryan, added to her already growing reputation.

Ghazal has been writing scripts for various Arabic TV shows that have led her to write her own series as well as a feature film script. The TV Comedy Series “Go Fish” is based loosely on events in Zulie’s personal life and those around her and expresses it through the lens of humor. It’s a light-hearted look at achieving one’s goals and desires no matter what problems may come your way. Los Angeles Executive Producer Steve Owens has been brought in to help work on a spin-off of “Go Fish”, along with his new Branding and PR company.  Neil Shaw, the Co-Producer of Go Fish, has signed aboard on the spin-off production. Rumored Series Regulars are Jill Maria Robinson, Allan Stickell, Josee Nibet cast of Go Fish.

2011 marked the opening of Zulie’s Performing Arts Academy called iPerform Arts which taught students singing, acting, and dancing. She utilized her iPerform class to rehearse for the students who appeared in several public performances as well as in speaking roles for both the pilot episode of Go Fish and the first season.

2013 was a very busy year for Zulie, with the startup of Go Fish Ltd. a production company, followed by the planning and production of  her TV Comedy Series and a Feature Film throughout the remainder of the year and next. Go Fish aired for six months since December 2013 in Calgary, garnering an impressive 1.2 million views, and Kamloops on Shaw TV Channel 10. The storyline is about five young women trying to make it in Calgary. Her show was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, and Zulie was nominated for Best Actress.

Zulie is like a beautiful and determined fish swimming up stream, she never stops!

Go Fish Web Series sliced into 5 min segments on their own YouTube Channel

Instagram: gofishshow

Action Comedy Go Fish Trailer