Going North East With Benjamin Ross Hayden with his film The Northlander

The Northlander had another Vancouver  Screening at the Rio Theatre

On the evening of April 5th, was the BC Premiere of Raven Banner’s The Northlander at the Rio Theatre. Created by Benjamin Ross Hayden his Alberta, breakout dystopian sci-fi fantasy is being lauded as one of, “indigenous cinema’s most important films” (Vice Magazine).

In attendance from the cast and crew was, filmmaker/writer and director Benjamin Ross Hayden, actor Corey Sevier, Dan Dumouchel (DOP) and Melissa Meretsky (Lead Makeup).

Visionary director Hayden – who, at 25, was the youngest filmmaker to ever receive funding from Telefilm Canada’s micro-budget program – has crafted an important Canadian feature with THE NORTHLANDER, a film that marries unique, Metis themes into one of cinema’s most beloved genres. The film is set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic wasteland without technology or society, where humans struggle to survive because of a lack of food and water. A hunter named Cygnus (Corey Sevier) must travel across a desert valley to protect his tribe against a band of heretics.

“THE NORTHLANDER is the first indigenous sci-fi movie to be produced on such a large scale. This Aboriginal fantasy feature film is set in the year 2961, a post-apocalyptic time without society, technology, or easily available resources. Two communities are in conflict, and a hunter named Cygnus is called to protect his people called Last Arc. The director, Canadian Metis Benjamin Ross Hayden brings this movie to life with indigenous actors like Roseanne Supernault and Michelle Thrush, creative character designs, and action-packed scenes. It’s definitely exciting to see indigenous film move into different genres.” (Vice Magazine).

The film has more release dates across Canada!

VANCOUVER, BC – April 5th | The Rio Theatre
CALGARY, AB – April 7 – 14 | The Plaza Theatre
BANFF, AB – April 21 – 27 | The LUX Cinema – Director + Cast in Attendance
SASKATOON, SK – April 14 – 20 | The ROXY Theatre
REGINA, SK – April 14 – 20 | Rainbow Cinema
MONTREAL, QC – April 19 | Outremont Theatre – National Canadian Film Day
TORONTO, ON – The ROYAL Cinema | Late May
Kitchener April 25 – May 1
Kingston April 25 – May 1
Kelowna May 5 – 11


Corey Sevier and Melissa Meretsky (Lead Makeup).

Dan Dumouchel (DOP), Filmmaker Benjamin Ross Hayden, Filmmaker Karla Campuzano, Star of The Northlander Corey Sevier.

Corey Sevier star of The Northlander, Actress Jill Maria Robinson. Gunner Xavier – Photographer

Filmmaker Karla Campuzano

Benjamin Ross Hayden was honored to receive the RBC Artist Project Award 2017, at the Mayors Lunch for Arts Champions for his film The Northlander!

Calgary Mayor Nenshi with Benjamin Ross Hayden on March 22, 2017.