We are super excited to share our Q & A with an elegant young Vancouver Actress, named Grace Dove! Grace has shot up to rising stardom status this January! You can catch her in, the Oscar-winning movie, The Revenant which Starrs Leonardo DiCaprio and Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu! Grace plays DiCaprio’s Wife! She is the object of his affections and his one true love in the movie. She is now one of the lucky stars that have worked alongside DiCaprio!

The Revenant, aired in January 2016 in Canada and has already won three Golden Globes for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio). The film was also just nominated for 12 Academy Awards! What a project to be a part of! We had to ask this talented beauty, who was chosen for the role out of thousands of hopeful actors in her city, how it all happened! She did such a great job and really stuck in our minds!


How did you get your start in film?

I have always been a performer and comfortable in front of the camera. I booked my first TV show “Splatterday” on CKPG in Prince George when I was 11 years young. I knew then that I had found my life’s ambition. After that, I continued working with the TV station as the “Funchaser” a community reporter, as well as many theater projects along the way. My parents asked that I graduate from high school before pursuing my journey to Hollywood, and I obliged, but when the time came, I jumped at the opportunity to study at acting school in Vancouver. Following my training, I put in the work and regularly auditioned for some years without success before booking my current TV show “UnderEXPOSED” on APTN which has a new season coming out this month!

Have you had struggles being a minority actress for casting?

Hollywood has come a long way, but has a long way to go. Being a minority (First Nations) brings challenges, but I’m on a mission to be a part of the movement.



How did you get your role on the Revenant?

When my audition for “The Revenant” came along I used the tools I had been crafting for years and successfully booked the biggest role of my career to date. I had been auditioning in Vancouver for years without booking anything; you just have to keep plugging away without expectations and solely for the love of being in the room. This just happened to be my time. I went in open, and ready to share my heart with the world.

What does it feel like to be so successful from this one role as DiCaprio’s Wife? Her character was the one thing in his life he loved more than anything in the movie!

This movie is opening up a lot of doors for me, so I am thrilled that Alejandro included me in his vision. Love is everything, in my life and the movie.

What was it like working with Alejandro González Iñárritu and DiCaprio?!

Working with the best of the best pushed me to rise among the stars, and fully stand in my confidence.

What was the red carpet like for the movie?

I dreamed of that moment since I was a little girl, I am still digesting to this day. It was the cherry on top to an already life-changing experience.

Has your fan base rise changed you?

Art is for others to see and share. Movies just wouldn’t be the same without a full theater. I am so humbled by the love and support I continue to receive every day. Shout out to my Canadian and First Nations fan-base.

What do you have coming up?

So much on the horizon, I can barely sit still. I’ll be wrapping up my TV show and then running full tilt into the Vancouver/LA audition scene. Things are looking so bright; I bought some new sunglasses. The grind never ends that’s the beauty of being an artist, creating the next opportunity.

Favorite designer?

I admire many Indigenous designers such as Alano Edzerza, Bethany Yellowtail, and Sho Sho Esquire. Then again nothing wrong with a good t-shirt and my (DREZUS) snapback.
What’s your skin and hair care routine? 

Less is more, I love coconut oil it covers my whole routine. There are so many chemicals out there leaking into our system I avoid as much as possible. Sweat often, and drink tons of water!

What sign are you?

Leo the lion. Makes sense. I love astrology.

The person you want to meet this year in 2016?

I continue to ask the universe to surround me with fellow artists that encourage me to move forward fearlessly and show me I am not alone. Being in this field can sometimes feel isolating, so it’s good to have friends that know what I am going, though. Of course, I am always asking for love.

Grace Dove on Instagram @_gracedove