Zack Forrest hosted his awesome Birthday Party in Calgary and it was fun documenting it. The May 26th, Calgary party tuned into our first photographed house party, because of the hilarity that was brought to making this party an all night jam.

Zack shaved his head bald and stunningly looks similar to the character Dr. Evil in Austin Powers. Zack loves people, film, writing and bringing people together. He brought a handful of Calgary bands, who are friends to entertain the costumed crowd. Parties of his are legendary in their circle of musicians and artists.

Scroll through to see a handful of the photos from the eve.

Who Played:
The Blasts performed first, Bebe Buckskin, Scout and Son, The Mike MacKenzie Band, Cody Wells, Kurtis Downs (Guitar), Blake Whiteside (Guitar/Bass), Angela White (Singer), James Wise (Drummer), Colin Adhikary(Drummer) and a handful more of jammers.

Bebe Buckskin

Angela White Actress/Singer

Colin Adhikary, Drummer.

Ami Kenzo.

James Wise and Jess Greer

Left, Guest and Cowboy Smithx. 
Mike MacKenzie, Kurtis Downs, Colin Adhikary.

Zack Fully Committed to the Dr. Evil Look, we kind of think it’s a cool look on him..

Blake Whiteside.

All in good fun!