Chad Dearle

Calgary artists Chad Dearle and Wyatt Erb have certainly shocked us! These two have been a rising film production team in the last year. The music video they produced is officially out is called Hunter/Hunted. This is an amazing thriller chase music video turned into a short in the process. In Late October 2014, the fast paced shocking video was filmed by Chad Dearle and directed by Wyatt Erb. KG cast sultry Actor, Jill Maria Robinson and powerhouse Allan Stickel as the leads, for this high energy beats and big synth sounds music video, which is a fresh take on a scary red riding hood.

If you thought Sia’s Elastic Heart music video starring Maddie Ziegler and Shia LaBeouf’ was out there check out KG Productions’ Hunter/Hunted!

Wow talk about a chase! Watch carefully and you’ll see the awesome twist you might not have expected!

KG shares, “a lot of people asked us why we did this thriller short, there are 3 sexy Huntresses, blood, axes, action shots and real guns. A man’s best dream right? We like to do everything creatively and are open to developing ideas as they form on camera, but always keeping the workplace respectful and light hearted. The idea behind this video was really we wanted to do something we wanted to see, something edgy and that was not already done, especially in Calgary. Wyatt, the producer had wanted to do more than just showcase his beats he wanted to create a visually affecting video to amp up the feeling you get from listening to the track. Wyatt Erb produces everything from sub-rattling dance anthems to slow R&B. He is self-taught and has loves computers, keyboards and guitars since he was a teen. Since then producing and composing is all he’s been thinking. He is one of the most humble people if you ever get to meet him. There is no doubt he is going to continue to mix things up for Calgary with more music shorts that are in the works. He is now working on his new album called, “The Sphinx Still Stands”.

Chad Dearle

Chad Dearle is a cool visionary and cinematographer, this Calgary filmmaker is very precise and detailed in his work. Chad has been working with the KG Productions and team for a handful of years and recently started his own company, Bright Sky Films. He’s filmed many live music videos, short films, covered live fashion shows, Charity events, weddings and behind the scenes at photo shoots. His biggest feature documentary he has been filming since 2014 summer is in editing for Film Festivals and to be on the tv site ZoweeTV. Chad has been honoured to be able to work with Calgary’s Celebrity, Charity and Socialite types this past year and loves to capture creative and intruding people. Chad admires and draws inspiration from some of his favourite directors such as Terrence Malick, Tarsem Singh, Wes Anderson, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Ron Fricke and Danny Boyle.

KG has another partner who started KG TV. Feddie FrenzyBaby (his artist name), and the boys, have all been friends since a young age and have branched Freddie’s music production company with feature films, shorts and documentaries with the brother company of KG Productions. These boys are busy and they have some serious talent to share.

Get enthralled by the electronic music video Hunter/Hunted as it takes you on a brutal and dark chase through the forest. The ending may shock you!

Chad Dearle
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