I’m Here With Goes Digital!

Zulie Alnahas

Go Fish Star and Creator

Lands the Cover of July!


The Magazine is a Canadian Arts, Lifestyle and Celebrity Magazine.


Every month we will have a digital edition that is out before the print issue. For a sneak peak in the magazine before it’s out in print, it’s available for just $0.99 to see the whole issue which is 96 pages.

The I’m Here With Magazine has been progressing with steady steps for over a year now. The IHW Team was inspired by everyone in their pages to support and share what amazing people they know from Canada and and across the world.

The magazine has social media platforms including, FB, Instagram, digital and a media site. Print will be available very soon, which will be sold through the magazine’s website, Joomag’s website & app. Plus will be selling in select stores in Calgary, as of now! Tune in for updates on our Facebook Page.

Hashtag #imherewithmagzine on social media @imherewithmag

The name of the magazine came from the awareness that many reporters state, “I’m Here With” celebrity…, it’s all about the talent and putting them in the spotlight!

We look forward to supporting and following many talented people through their careers. We hope you enjoy watching the magazine grow as well.

The 96 paged magazine is now view-able and ready to be purchase in printed, from Joomag.

Link to Digital Magazine 


The Magazine since just hours of being out has been by seen over 80,000 people in our network.