Calico by Brandon Watson

Brandon Watson is a talent that is purely driven by his creativity and love for film. We just had to share more on this rising filmmaker and Star of Calico!Born in Ontario, Canada, in November 2000, and showing the desire to become a filmmaker at the age of 3, Brandon Watson’s passion never wavered. He began teaching himself script writing and filmmaking through online tutorials and started taking acting classes at the age of 11. Brandon caught the attention of Steffanie and Gary Busey in 2013 and was put in touch with Ron Sampson, Steffanie’s father, and Gary Busey’s manager. Brandon submitted several scripts he wrote to Mr. Sampson, and he immediately recognized potential in Brandon and took him under his wing to coach and patiently help him develop his raw skills. By the age of 13, Brandon started production on a series of short films, preparing himself for his first feature film, Calico, produced by Windsor Artist Productions LLC, a production company formed by Brandon and Ron in California.

Casting Ron in the role of Dr. Schultz was an excellent opportunity to have him on the set for the last few days of filming and to get his input in post-production.Calico, a feature film financed by his parents, is an astonishing western love story, written, directed, edited, and starring 13-year-old Brandon Watson and a talented cast of unknowns, personally cast by Brandon. Taking control of every aspect of a big budget film with a shoe-string budget, the incredible result is a dodging ride through a world of cowboy violence, from the suspense of the riveting opening sequence, to the tragedy of the unexpected conclusion. With little more than a great script and a lot of passion, Brandon has created a moving love story, setting new standards for independent filmmaking, breaking the boundaries of his age and budget, and proving unquestionable talent and a bright future. 2015 will be Brandon’s breakout year.In January 2015,

Brandon was signed by agent April Lim of Hollywood talent agency Global Artist Agency.April was moved by Brandon’s Ultra Low Budget first effort, Calico, a 97 minute feature film written/cast/starring/directed/produced/edited by Brandon at 13 years old, an accomplishment never done before by someone his age in the history of Hollywood. Impressive was the fact that Brandon directed himself in moments that are “flawless” in the eyes of those who have viewed Calico in Hollywood privately. Global represents several movie stars and have direct connections to people within the TV and movie industry in Hollywood. The future for Brandon is assured and being part of the Global family of celebrity actors brings with it obvious perks for Brandon. W.A.P. are planning another major motion picture shoot this year in Calgary with a much higher budget and one to two celebrities attached to the project.As a way to help his fellow actors locally, Brandon has devised an actor’s workshop he calls “Acting Up” for kids 8 and up. These non-competitive classes are 20-hour sessions and flexible. He teaches everything he’s learned from the fundamentals of acting, script analysis, character development, improvisation, proper auditioning, resumes, heads-shots, agents/managers, how to avoid agent/manger scams, and much more. There is a max of 10 per class, and Brandon can only guarantee these classes to last until he heads to Hollywood shortly to start his career. Other classes will be up in the air upon his return and time factors.