Jacqueline Clements Bolivia Treasures Within is set to air on Cable!

Congrats to this Calgary Actress on her amazing Life Style Adventure Documentary project Bolivia Treasures Within!
Bolivia Treasures Within is a show that seeks to celebrate the individuals and places which are rarely if ever mentioned in regular media. Join Jacqueline Clements as she explores this beautiful South American country.

Jacqueline is no stranger to the stage. Born and raised in Northern Alberta she has always had an attraction to the arts. When she was young she participated in a fashion show but her real love of acting starting in middle school when she did one play for school and one play for theatre. Jacqueline is married and a mother of two. She decided to follow her dream of acting a couple of years ago when her son ‘caught the acting bug’. Once her son began working in the industry Jacqueline revisited her dream of acting. She attended an acting class for a year while filming her show on location in Bolivia for Bolivia: Treasures Within.

Bolivia: Treasures Within is now airing on Shaw TV Local in Calgary channel 10. It is also available these times via this link.


Monday 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Tuesday from 9:30 PM to 10:00 PM
Wednesday from 12:30 AM to 1:00 AM
Wednesday 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM
Thursday from 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM
Friday from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Saturday from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM
Sunday from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Tue Aug 3-9 Episode 3
Tue Aug 10-16 Episode 4
Tue Aug 17-23 Episode 5
Tues Aug 24-30 Episode 6

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