Jacqueline Clements Travels the Path to Her Success with her Production Company, Family and Friends with the cool realty shows she’s made!

Recently the Alberta Actress is seen on Amazon Prime with OffScreen by Jewelle Colwell.

Written by Heather Perry

She’s made her own chocolate from cocoa beans, helped feed 2700 street kids for a Christmas meal and even held a huge tarantula spider!  It’s all part of the TV Travel host’s job and she loves it!  As Neil Schell, director, producer, actor and one of her acting coach states, “Jacqueline is a fun-loving, hard-working actress and TV host. She is adventurous, funny and willing to go places and do things she has never done before. Courageous indeed!”

Jacqueline Clements, a local Calgarian and co-owner of TCF4 Productions, is making great achievements in the film industry and she couldn’t be more thrilled.  She and her husband Bill co-own the company and while Bill stays mostly behind the scenes (although he has been known to be in front of the camera for a commercial or two), it is Jacqueline who provides the witty, quirky and unpredictable moments as she hosts the travel show “Bolivia: Treasures Within.”  It’s a Life Style Adventure Documentary celebrating the individuals and places unknown or rarely showcased in Jacqueline and Bill’s most cherished South American country of Bolivia.

Jacqueline is one of the producers of the reality show called “Wheel Sharks” where two mechanics “help used car buyers drive home a good deal – every time.”  TCF4 Productions has signed a broadcast agreement with vTV – Vulcan Television for both Wheel Sharks and Bolivia: Treasures Within. Episodes from both shows are now available on the world’s first community-based online television network. As Jewelle Colwell, President of SkyeLove Pictures, points out, “working with Jacqueline is a pleasure on many levels: she works quickly, conscientiously and with a passion for forward momentum. She is certainly someone to watch, as she gains experience and continues toward personal and professional successes.”  These successes are coming to fruition as “Wheel Sharks” has also been picked up by a broadcasting company in the Baltic States and Russia.

Jacqueline just doesn’t confine her abilities to tv hosting, creating and producing; she can add acting to her list of accomplishments as well. She recently has landed the lead role in a new webisode bringing light and inside information about the food truck industry which is to be produced and aired in the near future.

Jacqueline has also recently acquired contracts showcasing a clothing line from ButterCream Clothiers, Halo Headwear and an immerging South American company making her a brand influencer right here in Calgary.  She loves clothing that is comfortable, stylish and appropriate for a variety of occasions whether it is a business meeting, a meet and greet, or even coffee with a friend. She is often asked where she purchased her outfits and is pleased to direct them to these entrepreneurial women led companies.

Her smile lights up the room as she enters and her laugh is infectious.  She has a way of drawing people in to make them feel valued. She is comfortable to do this in front of the camera as well as in front of the microphone. Carmen Barth, a publicist, exclaims that “Jacqueline is a very lively and engaging interview and will provide very useful information to your station listeners!”  This has been evidenced by the vivacious interviews given in past radio programs telling about the shows created by TCF4 Productions.

The most consuming project right now is getting her animation series off the ground.  Jacqueline has recently acquired the film and TV rights for a tween (ages 8-11) detective book series.  It’s a family friendly mystery soon to be in production for animation.  There are still a few details to be put in place yet, but Jacqueline is excited at all the possibilities. She wants to provide this particular age group a cleverly-written detective story that appeals to their sense of adventure and wonder. Adrian R’Mante from CGTV Los Angeles, (also known as Estaban from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody) has enthusiastically responded that Jacqueline is “an incredible woman with endless potential” and the film industry would most definitely agree.  At the core of who she is Jacqueline wants to inspire and she wants to do that through the unique projects that have been afforded to her. And we, as an audience, are excited to be part of her journey and having a front row seat to watch it all.