Jay Montalvo is a very down to earth guy who is known for being loyal in his acting career and has enjoyed taking people along with him in his career.

Jay started out in NYC and booked his first national commercial for Dr. Pepper with an unknown Sam Rockwell entitled Billiards 20 years ago. Jay has done everything from theatre to Indy projects to films like Get Shorty. His first big break in the movie Get Shorty with John Travolta Gene Hackman Rene Russo and Danny Devito, set the tone for this major recurring role as DA Lazaro on General Hospital. The TV projects he has acted in have been, Encore Encore with Nathan Lane, Space Above and Beyond, CSI Miami, Commander in Chief with Geena Davis. You can see Jay on a Sci-Fi series entitled 10,000 Days with John Schneider from Smallville and Dukes of Hazard, which is currently playing on SyFy Channel. In the works, Jay is producing Black Asylum a character driven psycho/thriller/horror movie for my company Entertainment Playground. The first of a trilogy and the first of a slate of films.


I like Golf… I’m addicted to it. Lol

Love movies both comedy and drama

I love music and was the lead singer in a cover/original band for eight years

Love chocolate ice cream, love Cabernet and Petite Syrah

Attending social events

People who are self-aware and compassionate

The outdoors

I like to read


To help people want to better their perspective of life

The natural order of things


Dishonest people. Dislike violence dislikes hypocrisy. Dislike disease