Jewelle was born with a love of story. Not just any story, but stories with the capacity to change the world, to provoke thought and to inspire humanity to a higher level of consciousness. She wrote her first story at the age of 7, her first song around age 8, and moved on to poetry in her early teens. Growing up in a musical household in Germany, she learned the violin, the piano and the flute.
She also received both classical and contemporary vocal training. It was a natural progression to begin to write her own music. Jewelle’s persistent admiration for the power of story inspired her move to the world of acting during her high school years, the thrill of being the story lit a bright fire within her, and has
become her chosen career. Jewelle has such an intense desire to enlighten people with her work, and to help others achieve a similar goal, as can be evidenced by the many pieces of work that she has created and produced and been a part of in order to give herself and those around her an opportunity to have a say. Though getting married young and having two daughters, her objective has never faltered and she has raised her girls in a manner that incites them to create and explore every aspect the world has to offer.
With such incredible drive, passion, and work ethic, it isn’t surprising that she has influenced so many people to follow their dreams, as well as gaining the admiration and respect of many others. Jewelle created a series Bluff, a high intensity and gripping story about the human struggle with addictions, and plays a detective working to bring down the local drug and human trafficking syndicate. Herewith again, Jewelle hopes to raise awareness about issues surrounding western society, though not often acknowledged in mainstream conversations. Season one of Bluff is now available worldwide on Amazon Prime, and has been recently picked up by a well respected distribution company out of the United States. Today Jewelle’s work as an actress, producer and director can be found in numerous films and series, her previously published short stories have recently been released to kindle, and a number of her songs are also available on ITunes. Keep your eyes on this lady, there certainly is more to come!

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