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Many might not agree but we know a handful of people who do, why because they told us how they feel!

Let’s Talk About The Truth of What’s Going On, 

About Making Each other

 Work For Free in the Indie

FILM Market

And How Wrong It Really Is

The word Free in the dictionary is described in many ways, what caught our attention was, costing nothing; not needing to be paid for. So with that being said how do we take that as people in the film? Everyone wants something for free; we get that. In certain situations, it’s called slave labor and wrong. People should be ashamed of themselves for using others. When someone is making a profit off a product, a view, a gig or show/film, what gives anyone the right to make someone do a free job? Them being “ok” with it or not.

The indie film markets across the world have had enough. Indie film talent has had enough in Calgary as well.  Indie Artists as we see it must really love what they do, because there is no real fame, no big money and no respect at the Hollywood level. So they deserve to be recognized and to be able to speak out, because it’s their dire need to connect with people and create, which helps everyone involved. It’s amazing to be around it, but too many people are going down in their life for the love of what they do. Things need to change. The magazine was created for those who deserve a voice.

We are talking openly about many people’s frustrations which they go through on a daily basis to be a part of something bigger. In life, of course, we all want to build a legacy and live in the now and all be happy. Too many people experience that people turn on you after you support them, they use you for your contacts and then, in the end, wreck your name with gossip. We all know that. But people, what is wrong with the mentality of this world. The Wars overseas and the sadness of taking advantage of people will probably never end. There is always someone benefiting, and the supporters get very little out of it which helps build someone else’s life. It can end up for many that your own life ended up in turmoil and affected in ways you could never imagine and the people who did that to you, have no idea or even care.



We had a wonderful lady who is friends with the magazine say to us after a movie screening in Calgary, “I’m just so frustrated, and there is no way to move forward for real here for those stuck without professional support.”

We exclude the fortunate ones who have yes worked hard to get there, and who have real support from professionals. The rest just have to do all of the work alone and not be as productive, with no credit which helps them in a big way. There is a sense of teamwork that is needed in the film. Each position is very important and is what makes everything come together. The bigger the budget, the easier the production success and able to market properly. For those who are bold enough to make it on their own projects or product, from their hard work outside of what they do in film/entertainment, it can be detrimental to their life. They go broke trying to make a legacy and a dream for the craft and art they have inside of them. Being in Entertainment is never easy you need money and more as you grow. Everyone wants to share the way they see the world. That’s what makes it so fun to meet new people and hear new ideas that can influence your life. The sad part is there is always people who don’t mind making people do “free” work. Situations for sure both parties can be OK with it because they feel it will benefit in the end to be a part something. The stars and creating support are the ones who get paid the most and are respected and amazingly promoted. The “smaller positions” in the end is made to be below them on purpose that’s how this industry works as a hierarchy. So for those who this all applies to and you felt frustrated and used and not OK with it anymore, remember you’re not missing anything by making someone else’s dream, you are just supporting their dream and a part of it. There is nothing wrong with that. Some enjoy not being in the spotlight. But if you want to make a big name for yourself here, you need to do it yourself.

 People choose wisely where you put yourself in the industry, or you’re going to feel very upset and used in the end when everyone is benefiting off your support… Demand money and if they can’t, and don’t they don’t see you on value or their own. You will see where people’s loyalty and respect lies with how people treat you. People are jealous in a small market because there aren’t enough opportunities for everyone. We keep hoping more Albert Filmmakers will want to and purposely support the people in their own city. It’s enough of supporting other countries legacy we need to build our own here. We are, and we hope it continues. Calgary Film is growing and is home to some major stars. There is no reason we can’t go out and get what we want, we just need to keep trying and respect ourselves and know what we can offer to it.

Everyone wants to be at the top or create a lasting and memorable legacy for those when we are gone. Every day we live we need to accomplish and build. 

We all need to stop doing free work for another and actually support another. Trade work sure sometimes is of benefit. But when you look down the road, and you have nothing, and everyone else around you has moved forward it’s time to change. Respect yourself respect what you do. The work and talent should speak for its self.

People who “make it” have done it the right way and have worked hard for that opportunity. We always need to keep creating our own and supporting those around you who truly care and want us to be there. Paying your dues and learning is something everyone needs to do. But when you have had enough, and it’s not making you happy. Change yourself no one else will for you.

 Think smart, love and always grow, I’m Here With.