Styled and set creations by Liz Nandee

Liz Nandee, An Interior designer with 15 years of design experience and owner of Basic Black Designs Inc. The cute and cheerful Interior Designer has been featured in several design showcases; events, designed for numerous charitable organizations and has appeared regularly on TV, Radio and Web clips. Also she has been featured in several local and international design magazines and founded the Design Association of Calgary (DAC) bringing every facet of design together. She is spotlighted in our latest issue! 

She created a one of a kind event called Designs 2 Desire, focusing on designs beyond the familiar and recently turned Designs 2 Desire into an upcoming Calgary based program on web TV that guides you in a new, unique and innovative interior design series that showcases fully designed sets highlighting Canadian retailers and products.

Liz created “when Design meets Fashion” Putting together every theme for these Vignettes, which was featured in a 5 page spread in Calgary’s well known Avenue Magazine.

She has designed stage sets for celebrities including set décor for the Oprah Winfrey Canadian Tour with George Stroumboulopoulos, Hilary Clinton during her visit to Canada

Liz has worked with more celebrities as such as Kim Kardashian, Adrian Grenier, KelLy Ripa, Jane Goodall, Jann Arden, and other celebs visiting Calgary.

What else has she done?! She has Designed event decor for media interview lounges, for the Banff World Media Festival, The Calgary Black awards, obsidian awards and many others facets of events and entertainment in the Calgary such as the Global leaders debate and Juno Awards.

She has a passion for design and fashion and as a result has become successful in the Calgary market being able to specialize in set design and styling for so much! For films, movies, music videos, TV segments, web clips. As well merging Design and Fashion for various local, and international outlets that feature the latest trends from the dynamic world of design!

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