RAW Artists’ Events

If you haven’t been to a RAW Artists Entertainment and Arts Event you’re missing out! Lizzie Carr is determined to give Artists in Alberta the amazing opportunity to show case their art to her art hungry supports.

 RAW Artists’ Events

How did you start the RAW Artists’ Events?!

For the past 4 years Lizzie Carr has been an independent art curator and art event facilitator. Lizzie is an artist herself, she is a painter. She wanted to emerse herself the art community here but realized that certain types of art weren’t being showcased. Lizzie admits it’s difficult to get exposure when you’re an emerging artist. She created her own vehicle to help emerging artists for Calgary in 2011. Since the first show she curated (The LowBrow Art Show, 2011, @ Resolution Art Gallery). Lizzie has been incredibly passionate about helping the artists she knows and who have heard about what she was doing. This, of course, was a part time gig for her, she was also a full time student at the time and was spending as much time as she could in the studio working on her paintings. In the fall Lizzie came across the job posting for this position at RAW. Within a week, she heard back from the Head Quarters located in Los Angeles. After multiple Skype interviews, she received a phone call offering her the position. RAW:natural born artists was started 6 years ago in L.A by founder Heidi Luerra. Since then, it’s spread to over 60 cities world wide. Lizzie was absolutely thrilled to be able to launch the brand new Calgary location in January of this fantastic independent organization.

People who know Lizzie know she is a go getter and a very hard worker, so aside from being an independent curator and event facilitator, she is also an internationally exhibiting painter, published writer, and creative entrepreneur. Now, Lizzie Carr has the absolute privilege of adding Showcase Director of RAW:natural born artists, Calgary and Edmonton locations to her roster of current positions. She states “I couldn’t be happier!”

 RAW Artists’ Events

What is your role in RAW?

Lizzie Carr is the Showcase Director for both Calgary and Edmonton locations of RAW. (A month a go she took on Edmonton). In this position, she works as a promoter, producer, talent scout, and planner of every other month RAW events in the two cities I represent. Lizzie books, manages, networks and over sees the success of each event.


The last event was in March at Standard which was a huge success, over 600 people attended. They had 27 local, amazingly talented artists! We had everything from elegant paper dress ball gowns to gory prosthetic makeup, from live rock n roll bands to live fashion models standing around the venue. We also had an extremely diverse and eclectic visual art gallery, incredible jewellery booths set up, and a great film from a local film maker.

 RAW Artists’ Events

(For a full list you can check out the event listing at www.RAWartists.org/Calgary/Grandeur).


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