Dave M. Boddy is our new columnist and is someone we have had our eye on for over three years.

We first noticed him when he was support on The Sunday Omony Show on Shaw TV Calgary. Most recently we have followed his casual yet inspirational videos he shares on his social media, that has made us see the true kind spirit within. He is brave to share his struggles in life and inspires kids to be heroes! He is a Father, speaker, writer, aspiring filmmaker and actor in Calgary.

Dave is a survivor of over sixteen years of depression, twelve years of both verbal and physical bullying, being diagnosed with ADHD in 1997, being diagnosed with permanent brain damage due to fifteen concussions in 2011, and battling suicide three times (1999, 2006, and 2011). After being released from brain injury rehab in 2011 Dave began his journey of becoming a public speaker, and he did so while creating his youth empowerment organization, Boddyguards United. Dave debuted as a producer for SHAW TV’s, “The Sunday Omony Show” and produced two seasons. He debuted as a public speaker speaking in front of 900+ students, and went on speaking to more schools, MoMondays Calgary. He has appeared on numerous podcasts interviews such as, “Get Bold Today” with four time Emmy Award winner, and former senior producer with Oprah Winfrey, Mr. LeGrande Green.

Dave debuted as an international selling author with, “Tenacious Living: Choose your own Adventure”, the book debuted top 20 on Amazon within the first week. Dave began acting work in 2014 and has appeared on CTV, HBO, AMC, City TV, Shaw TV, and a provincial wide commercial, and a Web series. He worked for two movies in 2016 as well. Dave also wrote the short film, “Photographic Memory” which stars Dominique Swain and Mia Talerico.

Dave has overcome a tremendous amount of struggle, and he intends to inspire youths and communities through speaking about, “the power of adaptation.” Dave has built a reputation of being 100% genuine, honest, and passionate. He speaks highly on the ability to adapt to overcome, “as long as you’re alive, you can always adapt and affect change” is the motto he created and lives by. Dave is also the Founder of youth inspiration organization, Boddyguards United. Boddyguards United strives to add value to youths around the world through unity, inspiration, and empowerment. The BUHeroes Community has over 40 youths, they are varied in talents, such as actors/actresses, singers, songwriters, dancers, athletes, performers with MiniPop Kids, and more! Boddyguards United maintains a steady growth with support and media appearances, Boddyguards United has joined forces with Make-A-Wish Foundation to help plan and produce a Wish Day for Ayrianna Day Chief.