Jessica Nelson

I’m Here With voted Jessica Nelson, Calgary’s sweetest rising star. Jessica just a year ago loved to be behind the camera, and working with technology. She is beautiful from inside out. If you had told Jess that she was going to end up acting and Modeling before she was 18, she would have shook her head and laughed. That all changed when she was cast in Calico in 2014.

Ever since Jessica Nelson was the mere age of five, she had been producing and editing her own self made movies on a hand held camera, usually starring her younger sister, Kristina Nelson. In her elementary years. Jessica participated in many school productions and choir performances over the years. She’s performed at the Calgary Zoo Lights two years in a row and the Sing Festival. It wasn’t until Jessica attended a fine-arts school in junior high, in which she truly discovered her true passion for acting, alongside dancing, singing, sketching and music. Through the next couple years, Jessica worked on school production/animation/tech teams when she had the time around her busy schedule of sports and music. It wasn’t until the middle of 2014 when she had her first break. Jessica filmed her first IMDb credited short, Social Suicide 3 (2014), written and directed by Brandon Watson and Jessica Nelson. Right after the short, she received the chance to co-star in a feature film, in which she portrayed the role of Olivia.

Jessica Nelson

Calico (2014) written/directed/starring/edited by Brandon Watson, brought many new opportunities to her table. Jessica has been spoke modeling photography companies, as well had the chance to meet many well-known actors/directors in the Alberta film industry already. Now in high school, Jessica is continuing her studies in advanced placement honors mathematics and sciences next to her acting and modeling. Jessica has been in competitive Horse Jumping since she was a very young girl. She has a love of horses for their majestic and calm beauty, just like her we think. Jessica has come a long way since her first acting role in elementary school and she constantly leaves many commenting on her thoughtful, caring and out-going personality.

When you meet this young but gorgeous girl you can’t help but see how pure at heart and what a good person she is. When on set she is always lending a helping hand and very professional. Meeting Jessica you can’t help want to be her friend! We know we did. We can’t wait to see Jessica on the big screen in the next year and years to come. She has already started her budding career on a professional path with Windsor Artist Production LLC a L.A. Calgary based film production company. She is learning so much from the creative brains of Brandon Watson and her Calico co-star Gemma Dahl! We wish her all the best of luck and know she will be a big success, quickly because she isn’t stopping!

Jessica Nelson

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