Mohsen Sakha an Iranian Documentary Filmmaker

1. When did you start in your film career in Iran? It’s been about 20 years that I have worked on documentary films and in fact I have been a writer, director and producer of documentary films in these years.

2. Being an (Iranian)Filmmaker, would you say your films are culturally inspired?
Certainly I have been influenced by the culture of my country like many other filmmakers of my country. A culture that dates back thousand of years.

3. What did you think of the The Salesman Winning an Oscar?! It is a great honor for our country for cinema. Asghar Farhadi won an Academy Award in the same category for the second time.

4. What did you think of how the director of The Salesman did not attend the Oscars?! Asghar Farhadi caress deeply he won the Academy Award for his people, which gains respect and accreditation. Unfortunately because of President Trump’s current law he, didn’t attend. Asghar Farhadi decided, for the respect of his country and to protest the matter of America’s law he did not attend over seas to the Oscars.

5. What projects are you working on now?! My last movie was about people who are in Tehran, to bring light to care about the birds, and how they are being affected by pollution and the destruction of their environment. The name of the film is “Tehran City no bird” that soon developed it is over.

6. What’s your favorite part of being a documentary film maker?  I did my last movie about my personal concerns about Birds in Iran, because I am in love with birds, I hope my film is informative and can be useful to help the birds of Tehran.

7. What have been your past accomplishes in your career that we don’t know about? I’ve made more than 20 documentaries on various topics.

8. What do people think they know about the Middle East that is not right, which you’d like to share? Unfortunately, in recent years some countries in different parts of Asia which are our neighbors. Unfortunately, over the years various parts of Asia, where some  neighboring countries are always at War. What is important is that the Iranian people are peaceful people.

I hope our country can visit and see for yourself this, the Iranian people are very hospitable and kind.

9. What is your greatest drive and inspiration for putting your life to telling real stories? I started my film life documenting human life and related issues, which have always been attractive to me. I am acquainted with new people every film that opens a new window to life.