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While most teenagers are finishing school and wondering what they’re going to do with their lives, Nakita Kohan was already far ahead of the norm.

In grade eight, Nakita put her plan into motion of becoming an international singer, by entering the Miss Teen Canada pageant in Toronto Canada. Nakita believed if she could win the title, it would allow her opportunities to travel, perform, sing, and speak about her platform of clean drinking water. It would open the doors she needed in order to succeed as a singer /actress.


Stampede 2016 Knoxville's Performance Headed by W. Brett Wilson.

Within three months, Nakita Kohan was crowned the scholastic pageant winner, and life began to change for the young woman almost immediately.

Much to her mother’s dismay at the time, Nakita took a year off school and travelled the country with the Pageant’s Travel Manager singing every anthem, and at every event she could be invited to. Her first month Kohan performed at 39 events in just 30 days alone.

This grueling schedule lasted for much of the year from coast to coast, and along the way Nakita experienced many extraordinary events, including performing for the past two Prime Ministers at international venues, and she was also presented with the Key to The City of Niagara Falls by their Mayor, for her outstanding service as a youth representative in our country.


Carrie Khoan the Momager, Brett Kissel and Stephen Lecky, her Guitarist.

When Nakita retired from the pageant at age 16, she then decided to travel by herself to Vancouver for a month to take a series of acting workshops from one of the city’s most celebrated and toughest acting coaches Kate Twa.

Nakita was able to get into international student housing while in Vancouver, and she laughs now telling the story how her mom near put her on the next flight home to Banff Alberta, because she didn’t check in one time when she was leaving the workshop at 10 pm, and instead of catching her regular cab ride home, she got a ride from some classmates. Nakita says, “Looking back now, I don’t know how she let me go, but I was driven and determined. I was going to do this no matter what.”

That summer, Nik spent another month on her own in Los Angeles, attending the New York Film Academy. Kohan auditioned for their summer program and won a position of being one of two Canadians only in the program.

Upon returning Nakita turned her focus to singing again. Kohan entered into the coveted Country Singer’s competition “Global Country Star Search” As the Founder of the Award program, Mary Anne Gibson says, “Nakita came out of the blue! Right out of the blue! We had never heard of her, and she won the county wide competition singing a Capella, which no one has done before in our 20 year history”.


Kohan went on to win best Co-writers of the year and Video of the year from the North American Country Music Association out of Nashville TN.

As of late Nakita continues to strive for her dream while singing across the country. Nik has also teamed up with Advocate Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi of UAE.  Better known as the Green Sheikh, His Royal Highness and Nakita continue to speak and raise awareness for the importance of clean drinking water.

Most recently Nakita has been nominated for a Joey award for best actress as her role In Roses for Jennifer. Mise’l the producer of Roses for Jennifer has worked with the like of Duane Howard (THE REVENANT) Nathaniel Arcand (Blackstone) and Rosanne Supernault (Blacktsone).

Muse’s says he saw her star potential as soon as she walked in.

“I first met Nakita when she came in to audition for the role of both Jennifer and Alysha (the mean girl). She nailed both but we felt she really captured the role of Jennifer. While working on the extremely busy set of “Roses for Jennifer”, Nakita always had a smile on her face. Her professional attitude, positive demeanor and excellent acting performance establishes her as a great, rising actress”

Says Mise’l about Kohan.


The Joey awards are an award show for talent under the age of 21, Nakita is nominated against some heavy hitters from Jacob Tremblay who starred in the Oscar winning film Room to Disney stars. Nakita says “As cliché as it may sound I’m just excited to be nominated!” Nakita said“Roses was one of the first productions I was cast for here in Vancouver so I never really thought it would open this many doors for me”

“It’s about this nerdy high school student Sean who doesn’t have a date on Valentine’s day He basically takes it upon himself to woo the new girl in town Jennifer (Me) by bringing her flowers. But in the process of him buying the flowers they both go on a bit of an adventure.” Says Kohan. “I really liked the script because it was light hearted and fun yet very real and honest. My character is really mature for her age and doesn’t fit in with the other kids so in the end it’s like two misfits finding a place”

“I really hope to work with her again, in the future” says Mise’l he won’t have to wait that long though, Abrams and Kohan have already teamed up for another production Called Drift Softly co staring Rosanne Supernault (Blackstone, The Northerners, Maina, and Rhymes for Young Ghouls) set to start filming this fall.


After performing, back stage with Brett Kissel in the middle and Stephen Lecky.
 Stampede 2016.

When asked about her singing career and keeping a balance Kohan laughs saying “It’s difficult for sure…  But when you have a dream you take it day by day knowing even your defeats are wins in the end.”
Kohan will be in the studio during the months of October and November to record and release her first Album!


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