What was your uncovering moment in your career, as a beauty talk show host?  

This was a process for me because I didn’t start out on camera, I started realizing through the course of many years in the dental and health-care field, that I was no longer passionate and excited any more. I felt I was no longer being of service to the practice and my patients and ultimately needed to make a big change.  After much thought, I decided that the next step would be to shift my attention to a more creative career, enrolling and graduating from the Durham College cosmetology program at which I ended up teaching.  It was only
after teaching for many years that I entertained the thought of expanding my vision to include other opportunities such as T.V. Interestingly, one of my friends, who is a fashion designer, asked me to accompany her to the show she was booked for, in order to feature
her work.  I joined her on set and decided to approach one of the producers at the show in the hopes of being featured on an upcoming show as an beauty expert.  I shared some of my makeover pictures with her and explained that I was an educator at Durham.  She ended up
booking me in for an entire hour of the show which was an incredible opportunity that enabled me to be introduced to other shows on Rogers. After being on “Know It All” I was asked to be on another show called Daytime and I would honestly tell you that it was the pivotal moment in my career as it exposed me to the Daytime audience. After I became
Daytime’s go-to beauty expert I came up with a concept of how to market myself as an professional that would demonstrate to viewers trending beauty and makeup techniques simplified for real women of all ages.  This was an amazing break through for me and I quickly became a recognizable presence on the show.

When and how did you get to where your career is now?
I must say, it wasn’t easy and sometimes I would go by instinct instead of logic, visualizing what I felt was my path and purpose and not giving up. After many years of being Daytime’s go to beauty expert, I was eventually offered my own show where I was given complete creative and content control. Truth be told, my internal dialogue was along the lines of, “Its about time!”  but it happens when its meant to happen.  I couldn’t believe it, I was speechless (which is hard for me) that all of my hard work paid off.  I was very hopeful that this would be the path for me, I could sense and feel it, but the timing was uncertain.  When it comes to something I want to accomplish or achieve I am not a patient person, I want it yesterday! But in all seriousness, I do believe in divine timing and you must see yourself where you want to be, you can’t have it if you can’t see yourself there first.   You need to know where you want to go and believe it’s available to you and don’t give up.


Tell us the story of one of those times you felt you made the leap to success in what you do?

I will start off by saying that success can be defined in many ways by different people, some will connect success with fame, others with fortune, or happiness. For me, success means feeling fulfilled in my life and being happy with who I am when I’m alone with my thoughts. When that magic happens, I become more in tune with myself and the momentum of creating starts to easily flow without restrictions. I loved being in the dental field just as I love what I do now but I don’t consider it a leap to success, rather a continuation of my purpose.

One of the major high points in my career would be when I was discovered on Daytime by my sponsors.  They had watched some of my segments on the show and were impressed with my delivery and presence on camera.  Over the next few weeks they had each separately contacted the producers of the show with an offer to sponsor me as a professional hair and makeup artist. I have always believed that when you find your true calling, there is an energy that projects out into the universe and then it comes right back having resonated with others. The opportunity presented to me left me feeling incredibly validated because I put my heart and soul and energy into my work and was now being acknowledged by persons in the industry as a brand they wanted to support. I felt this was the beginning of even greater dreams for myself that will grow to include product lines, endorsement opportunities, books deals and speaking engagements.  I am incredibly grateful for every opportunity given to me because I understand that no one owes me anything in this life. You owe it to yourself to not try to emulate someone else, but to be your genuine self. And that’s the best measure of success I can give.

What advice would you give to people wanting to be in entertainment
and how to make it?

I would tell up coming entertainers that there is no right or wrong way to get into the industry because everyone has their own journey and path. I tell my boys this all the
time: do the best that you can with what you have from where you are, and sometimes that’s all you can do.  When and opportunity opens up, listen to that inner voice that guides you; what is it saying to you? You must be clear about what your purpose is or what you want to create. If you don’t know what that is, your first plan of action is to find out, it’s that important.  I listened to a speech that Steven Spielberg gave at an event where he was explaining the difference between your consciousness and your intuition.  He said your
consciousness tells you, ‘here’s what you should do,’ your intuition tells you, ‘here’s what you could do.’  I thought what he spoke about was so powerful and important, we need to nurture that inner part of ourselves because there is a lot of rejection out there and our inner voice is what keeps us on course.  If something doesn’t feel right or feels off to you, change course and try again but don’t give up.  I will leave you with this, before I had my show I would tell myself about how bright my energy was and that the right people would see the
same thing I saw in myself.

Natasha on set of her show on Rogers DayTime, Natasha’s Lips Tips and Hair Flips.