I’m Here With spent a sunny day with Neil Enock on set of the just wrapped first episode, that was sparked by his love of technology, film and his best friends!

Neil Enock’s SomeWhen Show is More Than A Show in the Making, It’s a Family Creating Memories

The Story of SomeWhen…

SomeWhen joins retired firefighter Tom Granger (Allan Stickel), truck driver Hank Snow (Michael Skorpack) and self-proclaimed Inventor Matt Brogan (Neil Enock), after they have become friends!

As background actors on a movie set. Their shared dream of getting a ‘real’ role in a movie seems continually thwarted by a system that will not consider them as anything other than part-time ‘Extras’. They really don’t have the money for the training they need to get into acting roles, so when one of Matt’s Inventions turns out to be a working Time Machine, they decide to use it to go back in time with the simple intention of getting ‘acting’ practice in various time periods. Their misguided goal is to put a demo reel together that will help them secure acting roles in the present.

As they stubbornly try to ‘keep it simple’, they begin to realize that what happens to them in the past and in the present will change their lives forever. Fortunately for the rest of us, the worst of their blunders seem to get ‘adjusted’ by an elusive steampunk-looking character that vanishes as mysteriously as he suddenly appears.

In late June Neil won The Shoestring Film Award presented by APRA! Tge Beach Studio shared they felt privileged to work on one of Allan Stickel’s passion projects before he passed away in Jan, 2017. Enock just finished filming the insert scenes for the first episode. Allan Stickel passed away in Jan, 2016 but is being honored and seen in the first episode! You’ll just have to see it when they have their screening to know how!

Enock shares a few words in regards to his late friend Al and why he was so well liked, with his big mustache and his involvement with Somewhen:

“SomeWhen was very much a passion project for Al. He loved the idea from the first time we discussed it on the set of Hell on Wheels. Like all of us, he relished the idea of being involved in the creation of something from the ground up. Eventually, he was involved with every aspect of the project, from script reader to transportation, from production assistant to lead actor. Al simply loved the idea of the show and worked alongside us to bring it to life.”

The Pilot Epsiode… ‘Fate’

In the pilot episode, Matt gets the time machine to work and then has to convince Tom and Hank that he has built something that actually works. Once he gets them to believe, it doesn’t take them long to decide what they want to do with it. They carefully plan their first trip to the past, deciding to travel to a time they are all comfortable with… the Old West.
From the second they ‘land’ in the past their romanticized version of the the way things are is quickly shattered! Events unfold far too quickly – and dangerously – in the old west, and all they want to do is stay alive long enough to get back to their own time.

Until the next time…

Neil Enock created and hosts the million-plus viewed TrainTalk.TV podcast and has been seen in The Klondike Mini-Series and in seasons 2 & 3 of AMC’s Hell on Wheels. He has lead roles in several independent short films and has and will be seen on Interstellar and Forsaken as they are released. His USA debut this year was on the Exorcist, About the Shocking Truth, on REELZ network!

As SomeWhen’s creator, Neil is producing and directing the pilot episode ‘Fate’.  He also appears as time traveller Matt Brogan in the series.

Allan Stickel  had principal roles in television’s Go FishCowtownOff Screen, Young Drunk Punk He’s been seen on Hell on Wheels, He lends his other valuable skills to SomeWhen as our Transportation coordinator and as a retired firefighter, acts as our on-set EMT! He passed away Jan, 5th 2017 and is very missed.
Catherine Gell will be recognized as the hapless science teacher Miss. Falkringa in the Disney series ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ , sport fans know her voice for her work with ESPN and she is known to Anime fans as Suzumi in the hit series ‘Buddyfight’ and Burn Your Maps 2016. 2015 also marks the release of her debut CD “Judas Kiss”. This British born actress, dancer and recording artist brings a lifetime of stage and screen experience to the cast of ‘SomeWhen’ in the role of Kathy, Matt’s brilliant but under-rated assistant.
Mike Skorpack and Neil met as background actors on Klondike and have worked togther on many projects since. He appears as Time Traveller ‘Hank’ in SomeWhen. Mike helps with Set Design and construction, using skills from his other life, as a Construction Contractor is Calgary and Banff.
Debra Ross is a prominent Calgary business entrepreneur and philanthropist and as a Director for the Calgary International Film Festival she works to help the Calgary International Film Festival execute its mission in championing film makers.  We are honored that Debra has brought her extensive talent to our show as Executive Director.  Watch for her cameo appearance in the pilot! She has her own show in the works Debra Drives!
Paul Fry has acting credits on the both  the Hell on Wheels and Fargo Television series, and has been involved at many levels in local feature and Independent films. Paul is bringing his talent from front of the camera to the other side, as Assistant Director for our Pilot Episode. He also plays bad guy ‘Paul Coulson’ in the Old West!

Ramona Fox has been in the film and television business since age 6. Playing the role of agent in Somewhen is close to home for her as she has been a real life Talent Agent for the last 10 years.Ramona’s talent touches many areas. She appears in Rad, Cool Runnings, Identity Theft and other locally shot pictures, provided voice over work for The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie and as a book author, wrote ‘Insider Secrets, How You Can Succeed in the Entertainment Industry’.

Brad Allen has received international recognition for his Fine Art, Illustrative and Commercial Photography and is and award winning filmaker with nominations for Best Cinematographer at the 2007 and 2012 MPIA Awards.
Maddie Dixon-Poirier is a young, Alberta actor who has appeared in FARGO, Big Sky, and How To Beat A Bully. In addition to acting, she loves to sing and dance and has recently started to try her hand at guitar. She loves to make her own films and often involves her classmates in her productions. Maddie has a big personality and loves to make people laugh. She is so excited to be a part of Somewhen!

SomeWhen’s pitch video in 2015 is funny and really shows the true love between the cast and crew!

Follow the journey!