Nicci Lee is known as one of the prettiest entrepreneurs and top female Fitness coaches in Calgary. She is the Founder and Owner of Iron Empire Gym.

Nicci Lee was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta has always had a passion for fitness in one form or another. She has been through more then what meets the eye, being a beautiful fitness model and gym owner.

Nicci was a star soccer player on the top team in Calgary during her up bringing. Scoring the highest amount of goals and having ample play time on the Division 1 female team, since grade 8, is most likely what steered her into her fitness life. After the birth of her first daughter at 19 years old she started looking into fitness competitions as she’s always loved researching Arnold, watching his fitness competitions and doing research to educate herself on weight lifting and health. Once her second daughter was born at 21 she took action and hired a Professional Fitness model and coach to help her prep for her first show. Nine months of training Nicci Lee stepped on stage against 100+ other beautiful women and earned first place and won her pro card in her first show! From there everything took off for her through magazine features, sponsorships with supplement companies and people contacting her for fitness help! She was contacted by many women to help them achieve their body goals. Through Nicci’s story of over coming raising two daughters without a father, working three jobs at one time, starting her own business and setting personal self growth goals and reaching them, she became an inspiration to all who knew her.

Beautiful is an understatement for this hard working fitness model and coach!

Nicci shares, ” I fell in love with helping other women, I wanted them to know we all go through hard times and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I also wanted them to know that it’s ok to take time for themselves! We need to be selfish and take that hour or two in a day to work on ourselves, so we mentally and physically feel healthy. Inspiring other women especially other mothers has become my passion.”

This is were Nicci started her first personal training business called Miss Fit and Fierce in 2012.

When word got around Calgary that Nicci had killer workouts for people serious about transforming their bodies, she began to build a clientele of male and female clients. This led to her expanding her business and the creation of “Iron Empire” which she opened in June of this year. Iron Empire is Calgary’s newest and hottest gym for people who are serious about training! Iron offers top of the line trainers whom all have a history of competing in fitness competitions and extensive client transformations from people losing 200 pounds to beginners stepping on stage, to pro fitness competitors and Olympic athletes. We also have a huge clientele of people just looking to train to stay healthy.

“I absolutely love Iron Empire, I have created a family type environment in my gym where everyone respects and supports each other no matter what the goal of any client is trying to achieve,” shares Nicci. 

What makes Iron Empire different is that all of the trainers and the Owner, are top pro fitness competitors. They all have an understanding of getting your body to a extremely low body fat percentage through nutrition and training to maintaining your physique at a normal BMI. They all have personal experience and knowledge with extremely over weight clients to clients that need to gain weight, or just lose that last 10 pounds. We don’t offer a quick fix. Iron Empire offer real results in realistic timing so you can maintain your physique throughout your life time. We are against yoyo dieting and hours of endless steady state cardio. They teach clients what macros work with their bodies, how to manipulate their macros after they have left their personal trainers, so they can continue to reach their personal goals and how to train properly for their body types. All through resistance training, plyometric training, high intensity interval training, stretching, resistance band training, TRX and more.

Iron empire includes space to accommodate the way you want to train, such as kick bags, Astro turf, squat cages, weights, resistance bands, TRX training, different options of cardio equipment, an infrared sauna to help with muscle recovery, fat loss, a child minding room for parents, a own your body 3 d scanning system used to track your progress in 3D pictures and measurements and so much more.

“Everything I do is for my two daughters, they are my motivation.” I want to be their inspiration and show them that no matter what spot they are in in their lives, how hard it is, they can do anything.”

“I want Iron Empire in multiple cities, my goal is to bring what I’ve created in to other cities to inspire and motivate people who need this the most. That is why training is so affordable here. I don’t believe anyone trying to get healthy but needs education to do it should ever have to take out a loan to hire somebody or put them selves in a terrible financial position because of the pricing of personal training and nutritional guidance. watch out for other locations in the future,” says Nicci.


Nicci in the Winter Print Issue under Featured Beauties